Oprah interviews Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

“I AM life!”

“We forgot who we are! we are not separate!”

“I have compassion for you because you are a part of me!”

“I sat in a silent mind,  sitting in the lap of the Universe, at one with all there was”.

“We are just visiting here”. “Nirvana is just a thought away”.

“The right hemisphere is the bigger picture, intuition, subtle communication.”

“I really need people to take responsibility for the kind of energy they bring to me” 

Stroke Triumphant.

“You SENSE when people mean you well”. “I sat in a silent mind” “I had the ability to honour my own life”

“Thinking takes a lot of energy”. “The willingness to try is everything”. “PEACE is a thought away”. “I lost my pain body.”

“You think of something sad, and sadness has a physiological feeling in your body, and your throat tightens and things happen and inside of you you don’t like how it feels so decide that you don’t want to run this circuitry anymore”.

“Remember that your brain is just a bunch of cells,  just like a bunch of little children, and some little children I wanna play with and some little children I don’t like what they do so I won’t play with. So you don’t go there … you control your  thoughts. YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO FOCUS YOUR MIND ON WHAT YOU WANT IT TO FOCUS ON.  The thing with cells is the more you let them do what they do the more they do it without you having to tell them to do it!”

“What you don’t think about doesn’t exist”.

“When you pay attention to what is going on in your brain and you take responsibility for the circuitry you are running, you make the rules of a new game. As soon as you change the way you interact with other people, the rules have changes and the game has changed: IT DEMANDS CHANGE TO HAPPEN. – IT’S FREEDOM”

Take responsibility for your triggers.

To find inner peace: PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU ARE THINKING and you are NOT  your thoughts. Your thoughts are created by a tiny group of cells, about the size of a peanut,  sitting in your left hemisphere  and many of us let that little peanut rule our lives! And you have to recognise that it is just a group of cells that is DESIGNED to tell stories s owe feel safe in the external world! YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS.: PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU ARE THINKING and then decide if those are thoughts  that are creating the kind of life that you want created! And if it’s not then change your thoughts. It’s really that EASY!

Liberate your own inner peace, joy and sense of magnificence. We are so beautiful! It’s a thought away, it’s a choice, it’s easy and it’s going on all the time and all you have to do is teach yourself when you’re there so you can identify what it feels like inside your body so you can call on it at any time.  SILENCE THE BRAIN CHATTER It doesn’t mean you have to work real hard to do that, it means focus your mind on the other parts, as soon as you think about something, you’ve distracted your mind away from the chatter, so just take responsibility for the thoughts that you’re thinking, and allow yourself to move yourself into the circuitry that brings you peace.


Left hemisphere causes judgement and fear.

“My intention is very different and how I live my life, Before I was EGO, now I am aware of my relationship with all the other people on the planet ”

“Attitude of gratitude. All I have is right now. THIS, whatever is in the now is a glorious experience!”

“Do I like what these thoughts feel like in my body?” “If I didn’t like the way anger felt like inside my body,  because I could feel it physiologically running inside of me, or not” it was a choice, it’s just circuitry”

“Where do you focus your attention? Pay attention to how things feel in your body. You know what if feels like in your body when you get angry;  and you have a choice when you get angry of either being angry or PAYING ATTENTION TO WHAT IT FEELS LIKE IN YOUR BODY WHEN YOU ARE ANGRY and when you have that kind of physiological response, when you get angry it only takes 90 seconds,  from the moment that you feel that trigger happening and you feel yourself starting to get angry, for the chemicals to flush through your body and then flush completely out of you. If you choose to re-run the loop, the circuitry, you can stay angry for years”

“Language and ego are the prices we pay for storytelling – left hemisphere”


“If you’re running loops obsessively in your mind, you don’t want to think about then give your mind something else to think about; that’s how easy it is. You can only think one thought at a time. So you have some say in what is actually going on”.

“Children are happy and in the present moment and then we put them into school and educate their left hemisphere and then we re-word the left hemisphere personality for its achievement”











Jim Carrey Introduces Eckhart Tolle

Jim Carrey “Tolle has helped me understand Christ when he said in St Thomas: Heaven is within you”.

Puppetji: Why are we here?

Happy Talk: The Economics of Happiness by Carol Graham

Last year was not a happy one. Economic crisis. Job losses. Wars. Yet, while we can quantify things such as gross domestic product or home foreclosures, it’s harder to measure their impact on our collective happiness.