Dr Wayne W. Dyer “Excuses Begone”

I was in some hotel close to LAX a couple of years ago … completely jet-lagged and watching TV at around 2 or 3am ! Dr Dyer was on TV promoting or talking about Excuse Begone! Such a catchy title! I came across the book at the library this week and am reading it …. decided to post a few gems I get from it. I hope you find useful.

Think big? Think small! Success demands small thinking. Ie think small and act on what once seemed to be big issues. A big building is built brick by brick. You can’t get humungous things done today, but you can take first step. Accomplish what you can here-and-now. E.g. refuse to give in to your addictions today, or even smaller, in this moment. That you can do! And this is precisely how all habituated thinking habits get changed: by thinking and acting small in the now moment and living the only way that anyone really does live – 1 min, 1 hr, 1 day at a time.

With this new consciousness, you can begin thinking in terms that encourage you to eliminate excuses and elevate success.

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