Watching LIVE via Webstream Eckhart Tolle and Ram Das in Hawaii: Q & A Part 6

Ram Das you mentioned your relationship with Maharaji. People look to the 2 of you as a guru figure for them. How do you think they can benefit the most from that relationship?

oprah sadi to me you are not a guru are you? I said “of courese not!”

I do not see myself as a guru, I was shocked when someone told me they had a photo of me on the desk, I said what for?

I saw a photo of Ramana Mahaji that has incredible light coming through, years ago looking at that photo, feeling, sensing that deep stillness and peace and aliveness, I alsl know that was not the form I was looking at but in me. it was a self-recognition, like a mirror. but what this mirror shows is your inner essence, a photo of an wake being or a person free of thought, something comes through the eyes that points to that. recognised by you, nothing to do with the person whatsoeve,r you sens your own essential reality reflected to you by somebody free  of all the stuff that usually covers it up

Cours in Miracle: supposed tobe Jesus talking – the awakend consciosness – I (Chris) have nothing that you do not have except that I have nothing else.

I am now quite happy with people looking at my photo as long as they do not think they are looking at the person – what you se with your senses is the window frame – the imp is the light that comes in – the momebnt you recognicse it  – it is you.

you can look into somebody elses yes, if you are able to cease thinknig together, jsut awareness, pure unconditioned unconsciosness, there is not other but a merging of the firled of awareness, you transcent the personal. You see yourself in the other. Lovely spiriutal practice, do not overdo it. You are not conceptuialising the human being. You sense the consciousness in the other through being consciopnsess yourself. It works in the same way.

Ram Dad – how do you feel with people looking at your photo?

Ram Dad

If you met a real one … Eckhart ” you are the real one!” yes so are you and everybody!

The Maharaji said is there enough light? the photographer said “you are the light!” and it worked.

Question from audience

How can you love violence, love, crime and starvation?

you do not love what people do, you love who they are in therir essence, what they do is based in delusion. unconsciousness operate through these humans. even if human is a criminal  – in them is something pure. if human is heavily burndedned by egoic delusion, a heavy pain body, u have to be heavily present in their presence. a human who is mentally imabalanced you draw out of that human being something that is beyong the delsuion – it can only be temporary, you love the individual human.

Love is not necessarily an active thing but is the allowing fore eg the Virgin Mary, the feminine quality of embracing everything eg a loud noise, you get a shock and then the allowing. you can practice that when you bump into something eg foot or elbow, sharp pain and immediately you shout something! it may be a 4 letter word …. accpet without comment !  you don’rt say i love  the sharp noise, i allow you to behere at this moment in the way you are, can be a person or a situation. that is love rather than I love you !

Are there any instacnes when you cannot accpet?

There aremoments of anf=ger that don;t last long. in the background i accept the anger. A space around it , sadness, I cry.

We were walking in ?italy last year visitng a small town, church bells rinnnig people where carrying out a coffin and I wept, i don’t know who died,. that moment embodies the death of every human being, the impermenance, not a crying of dispaire but a beauty , peacefulness, didn’t say there should be no death , an acceptance, a beautiful expereicnme but a deep sadness but undernetath it there is something that doens;t die. an emotion can still exist with this spaciousness.

Loving what seems unlovable

Ram Das: I love it all! Even that.

we all had a chance to love a dictator this year. He was a form that was causing suffering to many people. Does that make him unlovable? I think that each form is a form of God. Eckhart “sometimes in heavy disguise!”

Ram Das : yeah!

Wondering how Eckhart and Ram perceive psychedelics as a vehicle to explore consciousness?

Eckhart: the expert first!

Ram Das: It’s great!

The mushroom trip that I took left the group and a quiet room I was in a couch and I saw that there was somebody else in the room but the room was dark, I felt there was somebody else and I looked over there in the corner of the room and each of my roles my cello playing, they were a kitsch , roles roles roles.

This drug – I might have amnesia – at least I have in my body and I look down and there was the couch and there was no body on it. My eyes were open.

I wanted to call help but there who wanted to call help? all my roles where there, my body was gone – something. I rolled in the snow the hills I rolled and rolled and I was at Tim’s house and my father and mother’s house only 2 blocks away snowstorm was up to my knees and I walked over to there and they were old  and I was young and I would shovel from the garage I though I really it’s really my heart told me I shoveled and I shoveled and I was really out there and then I looked up at the window and they were both having a peeved look I couldn’t and then but that was I was they were up until then always others people eyes weather I was being reasonable but they were peeved  and I danced a jig around the shovel and I waved at them smiling  that was the first time I ever stand up to external authority

It was 4am in the morning. No one shovels the walk at that hour.

It took me from psychology to Maharaji – that’s pretty good!! I never tell anybody to do it own their own all I say is what happened to me and I boy I yum yum yum yum yum

And I am being facetious but people don’t realise these are very very powerful plants and they should not be used or should be used … God should be your co-pilot.


Of course I can only go on the basis of my own expereicne which is limited … briefly : and one quite recent, a recent experience, it took me so long to try pot but we were in Amsterdam last year and somebody got me high qulity pot to smoke, well might as weell try it as people often ask me questions about it , is it like meditation, is it useflu? so I smoked and what I sadi when it ookeeffcect is like it is maple syrup for the brain and I can see it is a wonderful thing for someone who’s mind very active it slows down… I can see how it can be helpful to people with a mind which never stops … opens a door and then meditate and practice presence.

Acid – 15 years ago I was laready doing counselling , and I get asked .. so I took it – my espericne was simply that the sense perceptions became extremely heghitende, the colours smells sensory touch turning up the volume of everything, i didn;’t lose awareness, it eas there observing, i immediately realised for some people it stops there mind, when you perecive with such intensity u do not have time to comment ! you go wow! and this is like looking at a teapot and feel its aliveness, not shoutrinfg at me but there is a subtle presence. i do not need for things to shout of me, but someone immersed in thought it can be an opening

Mushrooms as part of a sacred journey in certain cultures. May have to wait another lifetime before I try that.

When someone has dementia or Alzheimer’s their being seems to disappear. What is it you are pointing to?

There is an intermeidate stage in Alzehimers when they don’t remember thweir problems, for the first time in theior livfe they become happy! they forget who they are! this happends when you become more present, you rise above thiknig, you develop a loss of memeory or when you take alchool you fall below thinknig, which can be a torutre to you, there is no awareness you are movingtowards sleep.

In alzheimers you expereicne freedom – the mind or brain is omethingthrough which the non loca lconsciousness that pervades the universe assumes a particualr form, an instrument of consciousness, a focal point when the brain decays as in alzheimers the brain can no lonfger fulfil that function so conscionsess withdrawas, it is a slow death- u die before the lhysical, conciosness withdraws. mind form dies before,. consciousnesses till there but no longer in this dimension.

Ram Das you said: Stroke effected your body but not who you are.

This is a vehicle in this plane of consciousness I am using it I’m not identified so it either I said the body had the stroke, I didn’t have the stroke and I when I’m I go into the present moment which is not time and space it’s infinite that’s who I am and I don’t think I’m ego either. They’re all ego and body they are part of this incarnation but I am not part of this incarnation because I’m just visiting this incarnation.

I just wanted to end with 1 final question to make full circle, love not as an emotion but as an experience of the present moment. One pointer in how we can tune in the now, what would it be? 

Eckhart: I’m sure you all know it already , 2 days ago we visited Ram Das, when I left I saw his licence plate on the car — above and below it says “I’d rather be here now ” not “I’d rather be fishing or golfing”

Embracing the present , there is only ever this, is really all there is needed. Be the presence not the mind made entity. You are the now, in essence , on the surface is what happens , in the depth the noiw is the space in which it happens, the world of form coming and going, the space is the unconditioned, formless, timeless, unborn unmanifesteaed, pure consciousness , The One, the Light if the One. Be the NOw be the space for what happens rather than continuously reacting to what happens and being hypnitised by tthw worlds of form, wevery thought says look at me , follow me here! no follow me and then you go on for hours a thoughts after thought, a gravitational pull and u become a person who lives like that – completely absent , only in here even when they meet somebody , they dont see you, only their thoughts about you. stepping out of all that into presence, be the now, the sapce of what is,.

Ram Das:hard to top that! when you meet somebody? they say who are you? you say name, role etc when you are alone and you say who am i? there is awareness, and love and you can I am loving awareness.

Many thanks everybody.

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