Browsing second hand bookshop in Bowral … $2 books!

I am managing to walk past bookshops but not second hand ones! I have happily picked up 2 books at $2 each! I came back home and immediately started reading “Yoga for the New Millenium” a novel by Tamal Krishna Goswami….

I am pretty comfortable so far with what I am reading especially since I have been re – immersing myself in “A New Earth” again…. But this paragraph is telling:

“All living entities have souls but their intelligence & consciousness are not as developed as a human’s. They use their intelligence merely to maintain their existence by eating, sleeping, mating & defending. Humans, however, have highly developed intelligence, which sets them apart from others, and it is therefore most regrettable when human beings do little more with their life than exercise the same animal propensities – namely, eating, sleeping, mating, & defending. Human life is meant to understand the self, the difference between the soul & the body. A human being should want to know who he really is, where he originally comes from, what is the ultimate goal of life”.

Also it is the first time I come across Kingdom of Heaven or Enlightenment described in this manner:

“… when we regain our original pure consciousness, we will no longer be forced to accept another material birth, whether as a human, animal, or any other species. Instead, we shall be liberated from all material connections and return back to our original, eternal, all-knowledgeable & fully blissful state. This should be our goal, everyone’s goal, for it represents the perfection of human life.”

“the science can be fully understood by self-realisation. Unless you are willing to perform the experiment personally (in this eg reciting a mantra) you won’t understand anything..”

After chanting mantra for a while Charlie cannot feel anything and Sanatan Swami explains that “when one suffers from a chronic illness, even the best medicine requires time before it starts to take effect. Chanting is the best medicine to cure the disease of chronic materialism. If after taking a bath you are still not clean, you have to bathe again! Similarly,if after chanting the mind is still not purified, it must have been very contaminated and require further cleansing.”

Charlie asks “How much cleansing? How much do I have to chant?”

“Masters of yoga have recommended at least 2 hours a day of individual chanting as well as further chanting along with others in a group”. “By regular chanting of a
mantra you will soon feel relief from all material distress. In other words, no more anxiety.”

Charlie “but the causes of material distress would still be there.. I don’t want to make believe they’re not there!”.

Now this reminds me of “Affluenza” by Oliver James,a book I have recently read and recommend highly – and also Clive Hamilton’s defintion: “Af-flu-en-za (n). 1. The bloated, sluggish and unfulfilled feeling that results from efforts to keep up with the Joneses. 2. An epidemic of stress, overwork, waste and indebtedness caused by dogged pursuit of the Australian dream. 3. An unsustainable addiction to economic growth.”

Sanatan Swami “Material existence is not only chronic, it’s an
epidemic. When there are widespread epidemics such as cholera or flu, the government inoculates all the citizens. The deadly virus is still present, but those who are
immunised are safe. In other words, as long as we are in the material world, we cannot eliminate the miseries of material existence, but by chanting we can at least
immunise ourselves and thus avoid the suffering. Only when we become conscious (see Eckhart Tolle), both of ourselves and our relationship with the Supreme, will we
become qualified to leave the diseased world and return to that place which is free from all suffering.”

Together with chanting one must not eat meat, take intoxicants, gamble and no illicit sex.

“The most worthwhile things are always the most difficult to attain” Sanatan Swami

All activites are performed as service to the Supreme Lord. An e.g. is cooking, He accepts food when it is prepared and offered to Him with love. Whatever is accepted
by the Lord becomes transformed in Spiritual Energy, the food is Mercy of the Lord and eating such sanctified food purifies our consciousness.
This didn’t sound scientific to Charlie. How does matter become anti-matter?

Sanatan Swami “take eg. of iron in fire, under very high temperature iron takes on the qulities of fire itself! In same way whatever is offered to the Supreme Lord
loses its material nature & instead takes on the spiritual qualities of the Lord. ”

charlie asks “what do you mean by sin?” (see also Eckhart Tolle’s definition of sin).
“We are all eternal servants of the Supreme Lord, but we forget this essential truth and instead become lost in selfish activities, which are the basis of sin. Our
suffering, therefore is caused by sinful activities performed both in this life as well as past times. Material nature, working under the direction of the Supreme
lord, awards the results for all our actions, both good and bad. The living entity thus enjoys or suffers according to his own deeds”

“The very same law of nature (this is same as Buddhist teachings) determines the birth of every living entity and his transmigration throughout the numerous species of
life. The number of actual spiritual beings remains the same throughout creation. Where they transmigrate from one lifetime to another depends on what they have done –
or not done – in the past”. This is the law of KARMA or law of ACTION & REACTION. IE there is no such thing as LUCK!

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