What the bleep do we know?

  • are we choosing what we already know? as long as we choose what we know, we’ll always get what we know
  • what separates us from all other species is the ratio of our frontal lobe to the rest of the brain;  the frontal lobe is a n area of the brain that’s responsible  for firm intention,  for decision making, for regulating behaviour, for inspiration, it is the seat of what causes us to take information from our environment and process it and store it in our brain to make decisions or choices that are different than the decisions  and choices that we’ve made in the past
  • free will resides in the frontal cortex and we can train ourselves to have to make more intelligent choices and to be conscious of the choices we’re making
  • most people use a very little bit of their frontal lobe so most people already have a lobotomy, and most people do not really pay attention, so everybody has ADD, and the result of it is, it is easier to use the already wired circuits and the stimulus in chemistry that’s involved in using those automatic circuits than to stop those circuits & begin to look at possibilities & potentials. So the point is, when we are using those automatic programs that are already wired, they take place in the rest of the brain & the frontal lobe gets to go to sleep. So even though we think we have the free will to choose, we don’t really have free will, what we;re doing is choosing WHAT WE ALREADY KNOW
  • the brain does not know the difference between what it see in its environment and  what it remembers because the same specific neuronets are firing
  • nerve cells that don’t fire together no longer wire together … they lose their long term relationship because every time we interrupt the thought process that produces a chemical response in the body those nerve cells that are connected to each other start breaking the long-term relationship
  • no religious text that says thought doesn’t matter, your prayer and your intention shouldn’t be answered by God but explaining how that happens is what quantum physics & the observer is all about
  • when we can make thought more real than anything else, our brain is designed to do that; the frontal lobe with its enormous space is the altar in which we place the thought, & it gives us the permission to hold a thought for an extended period of time & it lowers the volume to external stimuli. We lose track of time & space, that’s the moment we’re stepping into the quantum field; that is the moment  that now we’re making thought more real than anything else.
  • emotions and feelings are the end product of every experience & feelings & emotions help us remember experiences better; but for most people feelings become the means for thinking ie feelings determine their thinking, when that happens we are only living from the past because by definition feelings are associated to some past event. So if we determine our future based on feeling what we’re really saying is “I’m trying to create a future situation from a past situation” & invariably we will always continuously re-create the future based on the past and that future will be more of the past. so what will we see? People who are wired in victimisation, people who are wired in suffering, people who are wired in their insecurity, & the feelings become the barometer of their reality, then in their future experience they can only create reality based on how they are wired. They’ll re-create the victimisation in their life,  because it’s all that they know! In order to create a new future  we have to leave the feelings of the future behind. We have to abandon the way in which feeling is the means of thinking & when we’re able to do that, we’re breaking the association & the neurological networks that are attached to that thinking & feeling mechanism so that we’re focusing on an abstraction, an idea, a concept, a dream, that we haven’t yet experienced, because it has no emotion but it is something that we would like to experience  & that process of being able to abandon the means of feeling for a future potential is the greatest test for the human being! 
  • our experiences colour what we know, so there is no completely objective appraisal of anything because our appraisal of everything has to do with our previous experiences & our emotions
  • Addiction: we create situations to meet our chemical need ; if you can’t control your emotional state you must be addicted to it. Most people don’t even know that they don’t even know that they’re addicted to their emotions; because it’s just a normal way of being: describes humanity.
  • Everyone is addicted because they have never had anything better to replace what they are addicted to & have a reason to wake up in the morning to live for!
  • So much of addiction is really learning and it’s really ironic that things seem  unpleasant like anger, through a learning procedure, the weirdest things can start to be reinforcing & pleasant & you want to repeat them so you can become addicted to anger, state of starvation,  to anything!
  • People reinvent experiences in their brain by distributing the same chemicals , the same feelings, the experience and the redemption.
  •  How can we say that we lived everyday by simply experiencing the same emotions that we’re addicted to everyday? A master is quite a different cat. It is one that sees the day as an opportunity in time to create avenues of reality & emotions that are unborn that the day become infinite tomorrows.
  • It’s our reaction to the environment  (personal attitude) that stimulates the effects of genetics that causes disease in the human body. So if we change our attitude, we change the effects  neuro-chemically which means we’re gonna change our effects biologically, which means we change effects at the receptor sites, which means we change the expression of DNA, which changes the expression protein, which changes the expression of life, which means we change the health of the physical body. SO OUR ATTITUDE LITERALLY HAS AN EFFECT ON THE CELLULAR LEVEL.
  • THE THOUGHT PROCESS ITSELF CHANGES THE THOUGHT PROCESS – what we think effects what we will think later and what we believe becomes true.
  • when you make up your mind about something you’re overcoming the body, you’re overcoming the enforcement from the environment and you’re overcoming time .
  • thoughts create your reality
  • if I change my mind will I change my choices? if I change my choices, will my life change? why can’t I change? what am I addicted to? what will I lose that I’m chemically attached to?  & what person, place, thing, time & event that I’m chemically attached to that I don’t wanna lose because I may have to experience the chemical withdrawal from that! HENCE THE HUMAN DRAMA
  • the spiritual is real
  • ENTANGLEMENT – everything is entangled – cosmic consciousness
  • surrender yourself to a greater order : acceptance
  • when the soul emerges, when a person begins to wake up, they weigh, they begin to weigh, what they know and what’s working for them against  what is that inner urge and that inner drive & for some people it’s a clean cut, they make the break,  they understand what it is & they begin to gain knowledge  & apply that knowledge. Other people have to have their system fall apart,  they have to go through the disruption  of that ordered and finalised complete state of the personality that keeps everything intact & everything in order based on how that person is wired. So the tragedy in one sense, is really just the death of an old self,  & it allows then a birth. And the birthing process at times can be difficult because it’s painful & what’s painful about it more than anything else is that we no longer are producing the same thoughts that make the same chemicals. We’re breaking the addiction to all those agreements chemically. THAT IS AN UNCOMFORTABLE STATE FOR THE HUMAN BEING because they cannot connect to any person, place, thing or event out in their world. And because that discomfort gives them a sense of no relation to anything that is borderline nervous breakdown, it’s borderline insanity because you’re looking for some evidence in your life that you’re doing the right thing, and everywhere you look for evidence in your life, is what those people you had agreements with so you can’t even turn to talk to those people because they are going to ask you to go back to the same person so that they can keep that agreement intact. If the person has the knowledge to be able to understand that & they can ride their way all the way through it they’ll begin to understand a new self is emerging & THOSE PATTERNS WILL LITERALLY CRUMBLE, they will disconnect in the brain  & it will give them an opportunity to give birth to a new self.  That new self will have a whole new set of people in their life equal to who they become.
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