The Third Jesus by Deepak Chopra – The New World of Jesus

To understand just how radical Jesus’s vision was, we must consider its entirety.

  1. Nature – the fallen state of nature would be restored to perfection. Paradise would return to Earth; Eden would open its gates once more
  2. Society – war and strife would disappear. Human beings would live in a community based on God’s grace, without the need for laws and punishment
  3. Relationships – people would relate to one another, regardless of wealth and social position
  4. Psychology – Individuals would be motivated chiefly by love of God and a sense of worth based on God’s love for his children
  5. Emotions – in place of anger, fear and doubt, people would sense directly that they were loved, safe and blessed
  6. Behaviour – living in a state of grace, people would no longer mistreat one another. Behaviour would become peaceable and loving, not just within the immediate family, but toward neighbours and even strangers.
  7. Biology – the human body itself would be transformed, no longer beset with illness
  8. Metaphysics – God would no longer be aloof from human affairs. He would become present on earth.
E.g. consider relationships, Jesus asked his followers to see themselves as souls rather than fallible individuals whose desires conflicted with one another. The equality of souls banishes the differences between rich and poor, men and women, the weak and the powerful. Souls receive everything directly from God.
It’s easy to see why the New World Christ envisioned was quickly abandoned after he died. It had to be modified by realists.
Yet Jesus himself was the very model of his teachings. Buddha said “Whoever sees me sees the teaching” and the same is true for Jesus. He lived in Christ-consciousness, and his teaching grew directly out of his own state of awareness.
Enlightenment and consciousness-raising are considered Eastern concepts, not Christian ones. consciosness is universal, and if there is  such a thing as God-consciousness, no one can be excluded from it.  
Jesus rose to the highest level of enlightenment , Buddha may be his equal. “
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