What is SIn?

Meditating On Sin At The End Of The Year by Lisa Anderson

We sin when we would stand outside of, or in opposition to the fundamental rightness of our status as beings created in the image and likeness of God.

Genesis 1:31 says, ‘And God saw everything that She had made and indeed it was very good.’

But when we lose sight of not only God’s goodness all around, but the personal and singular aspect of that goodness we are called to embody for ourselves, and with and for one another in the world we fall into sin.

Eckhart Tolle: ” The state of consciousness that is considered normal and that has been running human history for thousands of years is not the only possible state of consciousness. It’s also not the most advanced state possible for humans. It’s nothing new. All the great teachings and teachers have pointed to the fact, since the normal state of consciousness is a state that is extremely deficient, a state that in the ancient teachings has been called suffering. The Buddha called it suffering, Jesus called it a state of sin and illusion, and the Hindus call it a state of illusion.”

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