Mia Culpa by Mia Freedman

“In grief it is always easier to talk to strangers than people who live you most” Mia Freedman

Boy is she right!!

I’ve been reading lots of ‘heavy’ stuff recently so I decided to pick a light reader ….. a cross between Bridget Jones, Sex and the City and Elizabeth Gilbert – Aussie style. I sometimes read Mia Freedman’s articles on the Sunday magazine in the Sydney Morning Herald but I’ve never got on to her blog yet. I liked the book, easy quick read, I laughed out loud once or twice which is rare …. most of it is about how women talk and talk about 101 things, careers, dating in Sydney, bikini waxing or Brazilians, sex, women and women’s issues, the difference betwen women and men, babies, rearing kids, pregnancy, marriage, more sex, Gen Y, Gen X, how technology makes us more connected or not, the usual subjects you’d expect in a gals’ book published in 2011 .

She mentions sparents – first time I read about this was in Elizabeth Gilbert’s Committed and also the ‘new’ way of living together apart, where a couple are together but live in different apartments out of choice.

A new breed for me …. people who spend the week doing yoga, pilates, eating and living like a monk, drinking herbal teas, tofu, no wheat, dairy etc AND then snorting cocaine and getting smashed on alcohol in the weekend. Detox with bikram yoga on Monday and the cycle repeats…. WOW! the balance of extremes!!

I did learn of a lovely Japanese tradition to help you mourn an unborn child.

At the end of the book she mentions having The Power of Now by her bedside and admitted to having only read a few pages …. pity; she does mention and seems to be VERY aware of not living in the present and the suffering that causes. I figure many women (an men) read her blog and articles so I’d really love her to start writing about the New Consciousness – and to stop writing about buying more and more clothes when in a bad mood for eg … I’d like to know if she has read Affluenza by Clive Hamilton, a fellow Australian. She could be a great catalyst.

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