Eckhart Tolle quote

‎”Sometimes a thought has a magnetic pull, as if it wants more of your consciousness. It wants to grow, because it’s a little entity. It wants attention and it tries to get it in subtle ways. It might even use a bodily feeling. “I’m hungry suddenly.” Then presence is gone, and you’re gone, looking for a restaurant in your mind…” Eckhart Tolle

How you can find the sacred in your daily rituals

ADHD: What The Now Effect Can Do for You – Part I by ZOË KESSLER, BA, B.ED.

As mindfulness meditation is seen to be an effective treatment for ADHD (when included in a multimodal approach), I decided to speak with Goldstein to find out if his latest book has something to offer those of us with ADHD.

Seek and Ye Shall Find by Deborah Schoeberlein

Love love love this post!! Sooo true and meaningful.

You know how it goes: If you’re searching for personal meaning — in a fortune cookie, horoscope or even a HuffPost bog — you’re going to find it.

Preschoolers learn mindfulness, yoga in Ivy Child program by Melissa McKeon

Enter a classroom full of preschoolers and you might expect a frenzy of activity; running, jumping, playing and shouting. 

Prioritize life with mindfulness meditation by JUDD JONES

This week, I would like to touch on the use of mindfulness meditation to help you meet your fitness goals. We all, for the most part, live busy and in some cases, hectic lives. I hear from so many people that say between career, children and family life, there is very little time for fitness.

Mindfulness Made Easy BY DON VAUGHAN

It’s easy to practice mindfulness at home, says Susan Bauer-Wu.

Get off autopilot to enjoy a mindful life by JUNE THOMPSON

A reader sent me a note recently asking about being mindful: “You’ve mentioned it quite a bit,” she said, “and I wondered what it is, exactly, and how one goes about achieving it. Can you give some of us direction?”

Words Are Like Living Organisms by Susan Smalley, Ph.D.

A few days ago, I went to meet a business consultant in NYC.



3 Tiny Habits to Enhance Your Mindfulness Practice by Marguerite Manteau-Rao

Invaluable tips!!

All the hype around mindfulness — being aware of the present moment, on purpose and without judgment, has gotten many people interested in giving it a try.