Watkins’ Spiritual 100 List for 2012

This list is meant to serve as a positive guide to some of the leading modern teachers that are alive today, and we hope that you are as inspired as we are by their impact. 

Christian author, Ravi Zacharias questions new spirituality by David Yonke

In his 20 previous books and countless lectures, Ravi Zacharias has defended Christianity against atheism, Darwinism, Oscar Wilde, religious hypocrisy, and world religions

Get bedroom fit with yoga by Bryony Whitehead

Must start yoga again !!!

Valentine’s Day is in just over two weeks — enough time to get your body in shape… for the bedroom. 


With ‘Super Soul Sunday’ shows Oprah Winfrey continues her role as spiritual leader by Brett Buckner

On Sunday mornings, Pam Kirkland of Jacksonville attends what she jokingly calls “the Church of Me.”


From Anita Moorjani, wise words & note to self!

“After I posted my last quote, several have asked what I mean by “honouring your feelings and emotions“.

What this means is, we need to listen to how we FEEL, rather than how we THINK. Following how we FEEL means doing things that brings you the most happiness and joy, rather than what you THINK you SHOULD do or what other people think you should do.”

Religious Expert: Mass Media Promotes New-Age Spirituality by Paul Wilson

Christian apologist argues that mass media figures such as Oprah and Deepak Chopra active in supporting New Age movement.

Emptiness Like a Whiteout?


Please Meditate: Self Inquiry and Impulse Control by Olivia Rosewood

This post is gold!

Have you ever questioned your own thoughts? The very fact that it is possible to question one’s own thoughts indicates that there is much more to you than just thought. Otherwise, how could thought be questioned?


Joy of being: Practical life and spiritual path by R. DINESH

Armed with the aspiration, faith and if possible the support of a mentor, the next step has got to be to try and stop judging oneself and others.

What is SIn?

Meditating On Sin At The End Of The Year by Lisa Anderson

We sin when we would stand outside of, or in opposition to the fundamental rightness of our status as beings created in the image and likeness of God.

Genesis 1:31 says, ‘And God saw everything that She had made and indeed it was very good.’

But when we lose sight of not only God’s goodness all around, but the personal and singular aspect of that goodness we are called to embody for ourselves, and with and for one another in the world we fall into sin.

Eckhart Tolle: ” The state of consciousness that is considered normal and that has been running human history for thousands of years is not the only possible state of consciousness. It’s also not the most advanced state possible for humans. It’s nothing new. All the great teachings and teachers have pointed to the fact, since the normal state of consciousness is a state that is extremely deficient, a state that in the ancient teachings has been called suffering. The Buddha called it suffering, Jesus called it a state of sin and illusion, and the Hindus call it a state of illusion.”