Why Yoga Is So Misunderstood by Ed and Deb Shapiro

Yoga has come a long way from its roots in the east. As it has become more popular in the west teachers have added their own twist – both literally & figuratively. In the process of becoming so widespread, however, it often gets misunderstood by both teachers and practitioners.

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Last few notes from Yoga for the New Millenium

Winston asks Sanatan Swami “you’re not suggesting we forgo all wordly pleasures, are you?”

“At present we are all covered my ignorance, thinking that we are our bodies. This body consciousness is not our original consciousness and it is the cause of all suffering. When we think only in terms of our body, we develop unlimited desires, and thus one is bound by a network of hopes and anxieties….”
“At present the senses are in a diseased condition and they must be treated to cure them. When there is a disease in the eyes, the disease should be cured; plucking out the eyes is no treatment. Similarly, our material disease is based on the process of SENSE GRATIFICATION. ”
“the senses will cease all material engagements only when they have a better activity to perform, just like the child who is mischievous cannot be stopped unless given better play. …In the same way, the improper activities of our senses can be stopped only by better engagement in relationship with… the Supreme Person”/God/the Universe/Essence/Consciousness. AND WHEN YOU FORGET SENSE GRATIFICATION ENTIRELY, THEN YOU ARE QUALIFIED FOR RETURNING BACK TO GODHEAD”/ENLIGHTENMENT/KINGDOM OF HEAVEN.

Further on Ananta thought “if only this consciousness could always be maintained, there would be no envy, no anger, nor malice”.

No one caused another’s suffering or enjoyment, for those were the results of each individual’s present and past actions. Your life is not meant simply to fulfill the mundane needs and desires of others. your birth is determined by the actions and desires of your previous life. But all these desires were the result of ignorance, ignorance of spiritual identity. Remove the ignorance, erase material desires.
Our mind is tossed around like a boat on turbulent waters. It is impossible to control the mind by ordinary means. The mind could be made the best of friends rather than the worst of enemies if one controlled it by concentrating on Him.

Serenity : the effect of full surrender.

A monk/nun is a RENUNCIANT : It does not depend whether or not one is married. Renunciation refers to being unattached to the results of one’s work while still performing it (see Eckhart Tolle : practicing presence and nonattachment to outcome). Laziness is discouraged; peacefully engage in service to the Supreme Lord/God/consciousness.

In an advanced civilisation renunciants and teachers are the most highly appreciated citizens and are supported for their work. Unfortunately, at the present time those who practice spiritual life full-time are often mistrusted.

The greatest knowledge of all – KNOWLEDGE OF THE SELF

The greatest gift of all – eternal life full of bliss and knowledge – human life is meant to revive one’s loving relationship with GOD and to go back to one’s original home in the spiritual world.
In the Bhagavad-gita Krishna clearly states that anyone can attain perfection if they offer Him the results of their prescribed duties. Each person’s duties are determined by his or her own innate abilities. It’s really quite natural. Some are inclined to intellectual pursuits, others to administration, still others to mercantile endeavours. And finally there are labourers. These divisions of labour are sometimes compared to the different parts of the body. All the parts are important and interdependent.

Corruption of this system occurs when natural divisions of work are determined by birthright instead of by one’s actual abilities. the systems became so wicked and corrupt that revolutions occurred everywhere.

One has to qulify oneself on one’s own merit. Everyone has equal opportunity.

When a person works for his own personal benefit, he becomes entangled in the complexities of material actions and reactions, or KARMA. When that same work is performed to please God, the Lord neuralises the material reactions and thus purifies the activity of its karmic nature.

If everyone is taught to cooperate together for pleasing GOD, then society becomes peaceful, prosperous and ultimately liberated.

There is a greater disease than AIDS (or AFFLUENZA!!!) – it’s infected everyone, all of us! Ignorance. Ignorance is the number one disease in the world. The whole human population has lost sight of its goal.