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My favourite lines from the most down to earth conversation about awakening, enlightenment, satori I have ever listened to:

  • thoughts don’t have power, they get power from you
  • all thoughts are equal in weightlessness but your belief gives them strength and power
  • the mind is not sentient, mind APPEARS to be acting independently of you
  • the mind has no power, it has only power of belief – you supply energy to it in the form of belief
  • why is 1 thought for you so disturbing but for someone else it is nothing at all? so you can see that the thought has no true authority!
  • the power of the thought is in the thinker’s mind
  • mind itself is illusory
  • mind will choose journey not destination as it is afraid of destination as it means the end of dualistic thinking
  • you are the truth itself which you are seeking with the mind and the seeking takes place with the mind but when the truth is discovered you will see it is a dream
  • you are the witness of the body, the coming and going.

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