The father of mindfulness

Speaker Series Presents Surya Das This Saturday

Teaching children to be mindful by MARCELLA McCARTHY

Mindfulness, the Buddhist practice of meditation and focus, is being taught to children to enhance their concentration and counter their stress.

When Buddha was a woman – A radio talk with Sandy Boucher

2600 years ago, the Buddha created an order of women nuns, but it disappeared after only 1,000 years. 



Could Mindful Eating Wean us From Our Bad Food Habits? by Harbir Kaur

What is your earliest food-related memory?


Rapping Buddhist Monk in Japan!

Rapping Buddhist Monk in Japan!.

Buddhist retreats growth plans

Why I became a Buddhist – Rev. Kusala

I heard this podcast a zillion times …… suffering is optional !!!

Why I became a Buddhist

Buddhist Meditation with Rev. Kusala

I loved hearing Rev. Kusala on my iPod when I first started delving, studying and practising Buddhism.