Byron Katie quote

When a thought hurts, that’s the signal that it isn’t true

Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU! A timely teaching from Byron Katie, enjoy! xoxox

Byron Katie works with inmates: “Blow your own mind, work yourself out of hell !!!”

I learnt so much watching this video it’s just unbelievable!

A mind unquestioned is the world of suffering

This work is dangerous because you lose your identity (just PRICELESS!!)

Your kinder self is God-connected

The way in, is the way out.

To argue with reality, is to argue with God.

Who’s business are you in?

Byron Katie quote

Misery is a tantrum

It’s a beautiful world until we superimpose our story upon it and then it becomes hell.

Please Meditate: Self Inquiry and Impulse Control by Olivia Rosewood

This post is gold!

Have you ever questioned your own thoughts? The very fact that it is possible to question one’s own thoughts indicates that there is much more to you than just thought. Otherwise, how could thought be questioned?


The School for The Work of Byron Katie

Byron Katie- Turn it around

Self-realisation until its lived it has no power. Eventually it gets so clean that you have no past to clean up and when you and when you think of those days you just experience pure love.