The Collective Evolution II: The Human Experience

  • we have chosen to forget who we truly are
  • animal food chain? reflection of our conscious state4
  • the planet is reflecting us
  • everything is shared
  • the soul experiences itself through the body
  • we create conditions for the body
  • sun-gazing – going directly to source
  • we are not our bodies, we are having an experience on this planet
  • there is not tragedy, no death
  • we have created a system where we are enslaved to work the vast majority of our lives doing things we do not enjoy just to earn pieces of paper
  • human intention and consciousness are inherently connected to all living things
  • matter is vibrating energy, no matter, no solidity, until we define, it is pure potentiality
  • change has to happen within each one of us
  • The Shift: energetically we are changing, our consciousness is changing so we are reflecting something completely differently
  • we have forgotten who and what we truly are and allowed the mind  to become locked in a prison it doesn’t know exists
  • “Observations not only disturb what is to be measured, the produce it”. Pascual Jordan
  • become aware of the ego, recognise that it is from what we operate from and that you are the one observing it

B.C. prof. studies Canadian ‘off-gridders’ by Jamie Komarnicki

My dream…off-the-grid on a little island in the Mediterranean !!

Life’s not so scary off the grid.