Stressed During Cancer Treatment? Try Meditating by DON VAUGHAN

You might think that a psychotherapist would be better equipped than the average person to deal with the emotional turmoil brought on by a cancer diagnosis. 


Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Cancer – 2012 Edition Includes New Short Practices and Group Processes Developed By the Author

Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy for Cancer presents an eight-week course for MBCT which has been tried and tested over ten years of clinical use, and is targeted specifically for people with cancer.


A message from Anita Moorjani

Oh my God, I feel incredible! I’m so free and light! How come I’m not feeling any more pain in my body?

Calmly facing the storm by Shelagh McLoughlin

NO one knows better than Trish Bartley how hard it is to cope with a life-threatening disease. She’s faced cancer — twice.

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thought on a thread :a mindfulness project offering support to communities in South Africa affected by HIV/Aids


Anita Moorjani’s Recovery from Stage 4 Lymphoma


“Cancer is a disease of the emotions, a disease of loss of identity”

“Why is there more cancer in our world today?”

Anita Moorjani