Priceless advice for meditators on Concentration followed by a guided breathing meditation

We usually consider distractions to be harmless sideshows, interesting entertainments going on in the periphery of our meditation practice designed specifically to alleviate the boredom of meditating on a virtuous object !! Actually they are far from harmless; they are lethal enemies of concentration, they rob us of the special feelings, special insights, special experience and realisations that we are trying so hard to attain in our spiritual path, in our spiritual life. They are thieves that rob the Dharma jewels we are trying so hard to accomplish, so hard to acquire.


In “Understanding the Mind”, Geshe-La gives us scathing indictment of distraction when he says that distraction is the worst enemy to spiritual development.  And why? Because it causes our mind to wander to the objects of delusion which are the principle objects of abandonment in our spiritual life. distractions are also the first step in the process of forgetting our object and distractions destroy the 4 qualities of pure concentration, they destroy the lucidity of our mind by creating turbulence and agitation in our mind by making our mind negative and confused as a result the clarity of our mind decreases and the intensity of mindfulness becomes split  between our object of meditation and the distraction itself and our mind becomes multi-pointed instead of single pointed. so in these ways distractions completely destroy the 4 qualities of pure concentration

Dharma class: How to solve our human problems

Happiness and suffering are states of mind and so their main causes are NOT to be found outside the mind.
We MUST learn how to control our mind.
Everything including the world itself is created by mind. There is no creator other than the mind.
We are like servants of our mind. We can reverse this and gain control over our mind. Only then shall we have real freedom.
We NEED to put Buddha’s teachings, the DHARMA into PRACTICE.

What is the real nature of our problems? What are their main causes?
Our problems do not exist outside our mind. Real nature of our problems is our unpleasant feelings (part of our mind) arising from our delusions of attachment and self-grasping ignorance. Therefore these delusions are the main cause of our problems.
When our wishes are not fulfilled we experience unhappiness/depression, we get angry and create more problems.
We lose a friend, job etc we experience pain because of strong attachment or strong attachment to our own views e.g. when someone opposes them we experience inner problem of unpleasant feelings e.g. my religious views.

Sutra of the 4 Noble Truths
You should know sufferings: use this life for the freedom and happiness of next life
You shouls abandon origins: our delusions of attachment, anger and self-grasping ignorance
You shouls attain cessations
You should practise the path

Delusions are called ORIGINS because they are the source of all sufferings and main cause of all our problems.

e.g. self-grasping – mistakenly believes ourself and others to be truly or inherently existent. This is an ignorant mind which believes and grasps at “I”/”mine” – we develop attachment to those things we like and hatred for those we do not like!

Taking analogy of a poisonous tree: the trunk is our self-grasping, the branches are our other delusions and the fruits of the tree are our sufferings!

We should attain the permanaent cessation of suffering.

inner path, a spiritual path that leads us to the pure happiness of liberation and enlightenemnt

Abandoning inappropriate actions, maintaining pure behaviours and performing every action correctly with a virtuous motivation.

Preventing distractions (see Venerable Tcharchen’s advise on Vimeo video) and concentrating on virtuous objects.

Meditating on wisdom realising emptiness, motivated by renunciation.