Meditation And Mindfulness by Ron Murdock

Meditation takes a lot of patience to do as everyone who tries it has any number of distractions to deal with.

Could Mindful Eating Wean us From Our Bad Food Habits? by Harbir Kaur

What is your earliest food-related memory?


Switch Hands During Meals or Snacks to Prevent Mindless Eating by Abra Pappa

Have you ever sat in front of the TV with a full pint of ice cream and before you know it your spoon is scraping the bottom of the container, yet you have no memory of tasting beyond the first five bites?

Qagħaq tal-ħmira

The Surprising Benefits of Mindful Eating by Susan Albers

Mindful eating is no longer a secret!

Warung lunch, Ubud

Mindful Eating and Fast-Food Buddhism

“Mindful eating” has officially entered the memosphere

Empowering Consumers: A Fantastic Voyage To Unseen Information

Stefani Bardin is an artist whose latest project is an important contribution to the cause of helping people make more informed—and therefore healthier and more pleasurable—food choices…………..


Mindful eating