Issue Preview – Manifesting Abundance – Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle to lead retreat at Omega Institute, 6/12


Four Years After the Oprah-Eckhart Tolle Web Class, What I Still Can Learn by Meryl Davids Landau

Were you one of the millions of people mesmerized by Oprah’s series of web classes with spiritual master Eckhart Tolle exactly four years ago?


Eckhart Tolle quote

‎”Sometimes a thought has a magnetic pull, as if it wants more of your consciousness. It wants to grow, because it’s a little entity. It wants attention and it tries to get it in subtle ways. It might even use a bodily feeling. “I’m hungry suddenly.” Then presence is gone, and you’re gone, looking for a restaurant in your mind…” Eckhart Tolle

Talks at Google: Eckhart Tolle in Conversation with Bradley Horowitz

Sweet retreat: Local musician seeks to use music for healing, growth by Theresa Winslow

Losing psychic weight and the Danes- Eckhart Tolle

All the violent people left Denmark and became the Prussian army and football hooligans !! he can be hilarious!!

Eckhart speaks about dreams.

Judy Greer discusses ‘Jeff, who lives at home’ by Billy Tatum

In Paramount’s upcoming “Jeff, who lives at home”, family relationships are tested as the title character Jason Siegel struggles to find his place in the world. 

Book Review: Sportuality: Finding Joy In The Games by Jeanne Hess

Sportuality: Finding Joy In The Games by Jeanne Hess sets forth a central argument that sports are known and appreciated universally.

We should laugh everyday!!

Jeanne Hess explains that laughter is like an internal massage which provides isometric abdominal exercise to tone muscles. Laughter increases levels of natural killer (NK) cells and antibodies which lead to boosting the immune system. In addition, laughter reduces blood pressure and the heart rate if practiced regularly. Lastly, laughing improves social interaction and leads to better bonding between individuals, small groups and even teams.

Book lover: Sophie Hannah

The book that changed me is … The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. I’ve always been obsessed with psychology and the bonkers-ness of human beings!