Take a leaf out of the book for mindful children

Once the doyenne of the big-screen comedy circuit, Goldie Hawn has turned her attention to the subject of inner peace.

Goldie Hawn making happiness into worldwide crusade & The Graham Norton Show s10 ep19

What happens to Hollywood superstars when they semi-retire? They meditate, of course. And if anyone is going to do it with a smile on her face, it’s Goldie Hawn.

I watched Goldie Hawn (and the cutey John Cusack) on the Graham Norton Show yesterday evening and there was some British guy who kept interrupting her and I was disappointed she wasn’t allowed to give a clear message on the importance of teaching children mindfulness. It’s fabulous she is in the UK to start MindUp in UK schools, following USA, Canada and Australia.

hmmm I just decided to look up who the annoying bloke is …





Voila it is Marcus Brigstocke, a comedian who seems to have written a book called God Collar and here is the interesting review. oh and I’ve discovered Kasabian … man oh man I really do live under the proverbial rock these days!

A place in France: Brussels 🙂

Goldie Hawn visits Miami to promote Hawn Foundation mindfulness program for kids


Ruby is waxing mindful

I used to enjoy watching her TV program…. Funny! This is one of my favourite episodes :

Interesting what she’s into now…..

If you have ever started munching a snack bar, taken a couple of bites, then noticed all you have left is the empty packet……………

Goldie Hawn’s Former Tutor Applauds Actress For New Parenting Book

Goldie Hawn’s new parenting book tackles the task of teaching EQ to children.


A top parenting guru, who once tutored Goldie Hawn’s son, has been left stunned by the actress’ new self-help book – because it’s actually quite good.