“Who Meditates?” A 20-Minute Alternative Guide to Meditation – Jeff Foster

Jeff Foster Meeting – True Freedom in Present Experience

True freedom: recognition that there is NO control!

The seeking makes life a problem. Pain, fear, confusion, boredom is NOT a problem. The sense of ME is a problem.

Wake Up…. ADMIT Who You Really Are, In This Moment by Jeff Foster

1st meaning

True meditation is simply just noticing gently effortlessly noticing what is here, right now, come back to present experience … these thoughts, these sensations in the body, these feelings,  these sounds , whatever is, wharves waves are appearing in the ocean that you are , even if it’s pain, even if it’s fear, even if it’s sadness, stop pretending this stuff isn’t here ….in order to uphold an image of yourself , stop pretending, ADMIT, tell the truth. Acknowledge this moment the way ti is appearing

2nd meaning

Allow in, if something is admitted means it is allowed in. Acceptance, allowing what you are. Allow all the waves, sensations, feelings. Admit what’s present. Notice these thoughts, feelings are already admitted.

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