Mindful movement slows eating process


Could Mindful Eating Wean us From Our Bad Food Habits? by Harbir Kaur

What is your earliest food-related memory?


Switch Hands During Meals or Snacks to Prevent Mindless Eating by Abra Pappa

Have you ever sat in front of the TV with a full pint of ice cream and before you know it your spoon is scraping the bottom of the container, yet you have no memory of tasting beyond the first five bites?

Qagħaq tal-ħmira

Mindful Eating is a Key to Healthy Weight Loss by Ellen Topness

Mindful eating is a habit that takes time and practice to develop. It is a type of eating that is counter to the way Americans often eat–fast and while doing other things such as working or watching television…

Tiramisu, Firenze




Mindful Eating While Dining Out by Lilian Cheung

Food preparation requires attention. It’s an inherently mindful act. When we plan a meal, shop for ingredients, chop, stir, toast and marinate, we’re much more likely to connect with our food than when a prepared plate is set in front of us. But if we train ourselves to be attentive, we can savor every meal, and really enjoy ourselves in the process.

Best hot chocolate in the world, Florence

Mindful Eating Comes to America


Mindful Eating as Way to Fight By Jeff Gordinier

Wouldn’t be great if Americans discover the flavour in food??!!

On Google’s Lunch Menu: Mindful Eating by JEFF GORDINIER

You gotta love Google!!

Thich Nhat Hanh

The most precious thing you can give is your true presence!

Last September, hundreds of Google employees showed up to experience a day of mindfulness with Thich Nhat Hanh, the Vietnamese Zen monk, teacher and author.

8 Must-Read Books on Mindful Eating by Susan Albers

Have you been intrigued by all the recent news clips and magazine articles on “mindful eating?” 

Wild Ulverston raspberries

When fad means bad by Kirsten Lawson


Mindful eating which is about appreciating food before launching into it and eating slowly and mindfully, is a technique which brings results.