Prioritize life with mindfulness meditation by JUDD JONES

This week, I would like to touch on the use of mindfulness meditation to help you meet your fitness goals. We all, for the most part, live busy and in some cases, hectic lives. I hear from so many people that say between career, children and family life, there is very little time for fitness.

Words Are Like Living Organisms by Susan Smalley, Ph.D.

A few days ago, I went to meet a business consultant in NYC.



Take a leaf out of the book for mindful children

Once the doyenne of the big-screen comedy circuit, Goldie Hawn has turned her attention to the subject of inner peace.

Teaching children to be mindful by MARCELLA McCARTHY

Mindfulness, the Buddhist practice of meditation and focus, is being taught to children to enhance their concentration and counter their stress.

Mindful meditation may begin at any age by Rev. Deborah Barrett

The importance of “mental fitness” — that is, keeping the brain healthy by new learning, reading, puzzles, memorization or other mental exercises — is well-known.


Mindful Moments by Suze Hargraves

A lot of people don’t think meditation is for them.


Reading “The Mindful International Manager : How to work effectively across cultures” by Patrick Brigger and getAbstract

Globalization and technology are making a small world even smaller.


Meditation And Mindfulness by Ron Murdock

Meditation takes a lot of patience to do as everyone who tries it has any number of distractions to deal with.

Mindfulness Therapy Improves Bipolar Disorder Symptoms

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy may improve mood, emotional regulation, well-being, and functioning in individuals with bipolar disorder, according to a study published in the February issue of CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics.


Mindful Eating While Dining Out by Lilian Cheung

Food preparation requires attention. It’s an inherently mindful act. When we plan a meal, shop for ingredients, chop, stir, toast and marinate, we’re much more likely to connect with our food than when a prepared plate is set in front of us. But if we train ourselves to be attentive, we can savor every meal, and really enjoy ourselves in the process.

Best hot chocolate in the world, Florence