Losing psychic weight and the Danes- Eckhart Tolle

All the violent people left Denmark and became the Prussian army and football hooligans !! he can be hilarious!!

Eckhart speaks about dreams.

Free Awareness – Stop Trying To Create A State

“When we relax that tendency, that seeking, what’s noticing the seeking? whether you are experiencing silence or depression it doesn’t matter to awareness, peace is right there, as the depression, it’s amazing, you can wake up totally depressed, totally anxious, but if you relax the need to change that, then there’s a peace that is self-evident, because it is the peace that is noticing the depression, and we believe, because it is just a belief, that the depression is an experience, in of itself that we are having, it’s our experience, we claim every experience …. awareness doesn’t care”

On Google’s Lunch Menu: Mindful Eating by JEFF GORDINIER

You gotta love Google!!

Thich Nhat Hanh

The most precious thing you can give is your true presence!

Last September, hundreds of Google employees showed up to experience a day of mindfulness with Thich Nhat Hanh, the Vietnamese Zen monk, teacher and author.

Molly Parker is ‘Firm’ in her appreciation for acting and motherhood by Luaine Lee

 It’s one thing to make things happen on camera, says actress Molly Parker. Life is another matter.

Give Yourself the Gift of Peace by Russell Bishop

Clearly, the world could use a bit more peace these days.

Aka as living in the now! Presence, mindfulness, consciousness….

http://bible.us/r/x.2Z.5u Today I am reading day 159 of Life Application Study Bible ® Devotion:

Snorkelling in the Mediterranean Sea

Snorkelling at the Azure Window, Gozo

Sands Dyer: Surfing the Wave of Life with Dr Wayne Dyer’s Son

The Rediscovery of Home – Jeff Foster talks about spiritual seeking

Eckhart Tolle – Interview on The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos