No time like the present by Stephen Lacey

Stephen Lacey discovers a way to tame his anxiety by learning to focus on the here and now.

Mindful Moments by Suze Hargraves

A lot of people don’t think meditation is for them.


My Weekly Zen: No time but the present by PATRICIA SZPARA

The semester is reaching its midpoint.


19 Year Old Therapy Dog Gives Meaning to a Dying Woman

His name is Baxter and at the age of 19, he was still inspiring elderly people in their final days. Baxter has died since this video was shot, but he lives on in our memories as one of the biggest inspirations. What an amazing dog.



Powerful insights from Eckhart Tolle

The more shared past there is in a relationship, the more present you need to be; otherwise, you will be forced to relive the past again and again.