A NEW Puppetji vid!!!

Happy Easter from Puppetji!

Feeling sad, overwhelmed, confused?

Just watch a couple of vids of Puppetji & you’ll feel better !

Joking aside: In light of all the people occupying the walls and the streets lately, Puppetji enlightens us with a spiritual conundrum: If we are ONE… and WE are not separate…why can’t we get along? I’ve just finished reading Dying to be Me by Anita Moorjani so hey, this is REALLY digging the message in deeper!!

Puppetji vs The Secret: humour & wisdom … GOLD!!

Hats off to Paul for introducing me to Puppetji – my most precious discovery in 2012 !! mwaahaahaaha GENIUS!!



Attachment Vs. Non-Attachment w/ Puppetji

TRUE WISDOM and had me in tears! GOLD!

Attachment Vs. Non-Attachment w/ Puppetji.

Q&A with Puppetji at SAND 2011

Seeing 2.0 by Puppetji

Puppetji vs Meditation

The Mind Diet by Puppetji

Puppetji: Why are we here?