Beyond Me by Frank Huguenard

Beyond Me takes the viewer on a trip through the cosmos and down to the scale of quantum physics, explores the instinctive migration patterns of animals, and draws a link between animal instincts and human personality disorders. It then goes on to suggest that all of human suffering and misery comes as a result of impressions made on our consciousness over hundreds and even thousands of lifetimes, and that the solution for removing these impressions, thereby lessening our suffering, is through the art of meditation.

  • “There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together …We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter” Max Planck
  • consciousness is a continuum
  • if a parent meditates their children receive a direct benefit benefit from the parent’s meditation
  • our egos stop at nothing to defend themselves
  • Bruce Lipton “molecularly and functionally, the cell membrane is the same as a computer chip and the nucleus with the genes is the hard disc with programs in it;  the data I type on the keyboard operates the mechanism, the cell membrane is a keyboard and that the environment is the typist and as the cell goes from one environment to another environment whatever the conditions are in that environment they type on the receptors (which are the keys) and then illicit programs form the genes. We’re not programmed from the genes we are a direct aspect of our environment”
  • it wasn’t random genetic mutations that caused evolutionary growth but rather consciousness, that pushed evolution to create new and advanced physical forms
  • you are a bio computer, it makes sense to maintain a healthy human consciousness requires the same level of attention on system maintenance that a computer does!
  • through meditation we can increase our vibrational frequency.

The Collective Evolution II: The Human Experience

  • we have chosen to forget who we truly are
  • animal food chain? reflection of our conscious state4
  • the planet is reflecting us
  • everything is shared
  • the soul experiences itself through the body
  • we create conditions for the body
  • sun-gazing – going directly to source
  • we are not our bodies, we are having an experience on this planet
  • there is not tragedy, no death
  • we have created a system where we are enslaved to work the vast majority of our lives doing things we do not enjoy just to earn pieces of paper
  • human intention and consciousness are inherently connected to all living things
  • matter is vibrating energy, no matter, no solidity, until we define, it is pure potentiality
  • change has to happen within each one of us
  • The Shift: energetically we are changing, our consciousness is changing so we are reflecting something completely differently
  • we have forgotten who and what we truly are and allowed the mind  to become locked in a prison it doesn’t know exists
  • “Observations not only disturb what is to be measured, the produce it”. Pascual Jordan
  • become aware of the ego, recognise that it is from what we operate from and that you are the one observing it

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