Beyond Kony 2012, child soldiers are used in most civil wars

Kony 2012 campaign calls for plastering posters everywhere tonight. But the use of child soldiers goes far beyond warlord Kony and his LRA. It is the norm in most civil wars. Governments, too, use children to fight. One way to stop it: Deny military aid to these governments.


John Lennon’s Famous Words Of Wisdom: Peace on Earth for Christmas!

“Our society is run by insane people………… run by maniacs”

“Give Peace a chance!”

“People not educated that they HAVE the POWER! – we ARE the Government”

“America is falling from within!

“As a Beatle … we had money, we had fame,  and there was no joy”

“Peace in your mind, peace on Earth, peace at work, peace at home, peace in the world”

“Eat for peace….”

“Peace on Earth for Christmas … that ‘s what it is about .. Happy Birthday Christ! Peace on Earth for Christmas! no violence, no starving children, no violent minds, no violent households… no frustration, no fear”

The future is made in your mind … the war is over if you want it”

John Lennnon  (9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980)

“Serve those who serve” Simon Sinek

Wow! How honest and insightful this is priceless. This is such a great teaching, – he mentions Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning and he had such a personal understanding of it, it is great he shared it. A sense of purpose – what does it mean? Serve those who serve.

It is not about goals – serving those who believe what we believe. The cost of leadership is self-interest.

Sense of fulfilment: serve those who serve. I care about people: your employees and customers.

Officers eat last. 

The world will change if everyone felt fulfilled and appreciated.