Wayne Dyer Wishes Fulfilled radio show Dedicated to Hazel Irene Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer shares his personal thoughts on the end of life and how he is handling his own mother’s transition. Who you are is an Infinite Being, always growing and expanding. The Infinite Being never changes. “What a man can be, he must be. This need we call self-actualization.”- a quote from one of Dr. Dyer’s favorite teachers, Abraham Maslow. Dr. Dyer takes questions and comments from callers. 


Sweet retreat: Local musician seeks to use music for healing, growth by Theresa Winslow

Oprah muses after talking with Wayne Dyer

Oprah muses …..

Holiday message from Wayne Dyer sharing his greatest wish for the season.

Anita Moorjani – Creating Heaven on Earth


On 2nd February 2006, Anita Moorjani experienced what most of us never have! She crossed over and came back to share what she learned.

Watching LIVE via Webstream Eckhart Tolle and Wayne Dyer in Hawaii: Part 1

ET: I first became aware of your teachings while I was living in London and a friend of mine gave me a book, she worked in the famous bookstore Watkins, the oldest metaphysical bookstore in the world and she gave me a novel the author was Wayne Dyer, this was in the 80s and it was a novel about a woman from outer space who came to the planet to give spiritual teachings.

WD: Right, her name was Eykis, actually my daughter was born that year, it was her name spelled backwards, Skye, it was about someone who visited another world, where it was exact duplicate of earth, except that the people there, were neurotic like we are here, except that they were neurotic there because there was a reason to be. When this visitor first checked in to the hotel, he turned on the TV set, someone gave the news, then they gave the weather, then they gave the sports and then the anxiety attack report, the likelihood of anxiety attacking over the weekend: it was coming in high, it was coming in  fast over the mountains, you wanna get out your Xanax, your No-Pain and tranquilizers because it is going to be heavy doses of anxiety because here on Uranus, which is the title of the place that they went, anxiety really attacks and Eykis comes to Earth and she’s looking at all these people saying they’re having anxiety attacks, but there is no anxiety and it doesn’t attack! The original title of that book was going to be called “If you want to be happy get your head out of your anus” but it turned out to be a little more serious, we’re actually making a movie of that book, it is the only fiction I ever undertaken.

ET : Reminds me a little bit of Aldous Huxley, he wrote a novel called “Island” , which is about a fictitious island, where somebody gets shipwrecked on this island, where he begins to realise the natives live consciously and in awareness and even the parrots in the trees have been trained to remind people to be conscious so they say things like “Attention!! Attention!!” meaning be there, be present, one could say be there as the witnessing presence of your mind, so if you haven’t read it yet, you might enjoy that and is your book still available?

WD: Yes it is, it is in print, everything I’ve done is still in print, it is amazing. It is called “Gifts from Eykis”. what you are saying is reminding me of Mary Oliver, a well known poet, she wrote a poem I used to recite in my talks called “Wild Geese and she was asked: “What are the secrets of living an enlightened life? ” and she said it all boils down to and it reminds me of what you have just said :

Pay attention, be astonished, and tell other people“,  she said that’s all you need for a successful life.  I think that paying attention

ET:is the key

WD: it is a big part of what you do, I know…

ET: I have told that story in the past but not for a few years, it is about a Zen teacher who actually lived in Japan about a 100 years ago, and his only teaching whenever he was asked to explain the meaning of Zen, his only answer would be  to raise his index finger and to look at you, that is the meaning of Zen, what it points to of course is the state of presence, the alert presence. That’s the whole teaching. Of course, Zen is, many people who are drawn to Zen, try to understand it conceptually and they just do not get it, I know Zen monks who just do not get it! because there is nothing to understand conceptually, it is entering the state of consciousness of presence, so it is  frustrating, so Zen developed methods to frustrate the mind even more so that it finally gives up its attempt to understand or to know conceptually, that is not just Zen it is the essence, even  “A Course in Miracles”  says “your understanding is not a powerful contribution to the truth” !

And the paradox is that out of that state of presence very often is that if there is really something you need to know, it arises.

WD: Someone sent me a T-shirt, I gave it  to my son, it says “Don’t just do something, stand there”. Like a Zen master!

ET: and that brings us to an interesting topic, and that is being and doing. To reconcile within oneself the two dimensions because here as human beings we are called upon to take action and to create, as the Universe loves to create, new forms, billions, trillions of life forms, we are part of this love of this Universe to create form, and then, and I know that because I have observed myself, and you know it because you know yourself, the Universe also wants to know its own essence through you, the Source, it wants the conscious realisation of the Source and in human beings that  is expressed as the draw towards, to be totally content with what is, to be totally at peace in the present moment, to long for that state of absolute beautiful deep peace and I call that, in a minute I’d like your input, I call that the outgoing movement of the Universe is wanting to create and the return movement that the Universe is wanting to know itself, through the human, as in its essence, perhaps everybody here can also feel that within, yes you want to do things but you also want to be, so to not to lose Being while you do and not lose yourself in the doing, get stressed, getting the fruit of the action, the Bhagavad Gītā, not to always look to the next thing to attain so that you remain rooted in Being, and then act from there, out of rootedness, not out of egoic need to have but out of the inner fullness .

And i am sure you have a lot of contribute

i think of moby dick, the author says

“as this appaliing ocean surrounds this verdant … full of peace and joy but encompassed by all the horros of the half lived life”

major problem of world and us, we havebn’t been brought up with our divine, we are part of God, this ordinary part of us, the part of us called the ego, believes who we are is what we accunulate … we want to own things, born into this world with nothing

the Tao does nothing and leaves nothing undone.

My son says I do nothing and I leave nothing undone!

Programmed into a life of accumulating and achieving, we don’t get to the part of us

The extraordinary part of us still has ordinary in it. We still have to follow the rules, beyond ordinary is this what we call the Soul, the Tao that can be named …

the extradorinary part of who we all are is the Soul, the formless, boundless, birthless. deathless, this part of us doenst care of winning, being better, it just wants to expand, the soul is miserable when it is contained, all of us have the soul which is infinite, if it was finite you would be able to find beginning and end. what is infinity? always expanding! this we need to address within oursleves. doesnt need to be better than anyone else. My entire life i have been intrigued by people who do extraordinary things.

Unbroken by Laura Hillerbrand – a story of a man who survived impossible things! what he accomplished, how he survived. we need to address ourselves to creating a world of extraordinary people. We can impact


the basis for that, we talked about creating, you mentioned that part within everyone, the essence, the being, conscious union with that can then lead to awakened doing, if we go back to the being part, a Wayne was speaking, pointing towards that dimension within you, the question is wheter at theis very moment, can u sense the reality in that? can we sense the reality within ourselves where u r no longer deriving sense of who u r from ideas in your head, who u feel ur, limited self, the conditioned self, time bound self, the delusion , jesus pointed to “deny thyself” essential point he teaches, is recognise the unreality of that self. basing your sense of who you are on what ideas you hold about who ur, never feeling fulfilled, u need to defend mental edifice, you need to add to it, at this moment can u sense that within u there is an unconditioned timeless consciousness, prior to all thinking whic his , u cannot make it into an object, it is the eternal subject, the one I, spacious presence, its sense of deep alivesnes which as nothin to do with your history or future, that is the liberation from false sense of self, exhilirating, presnece that cannot be conceptualised or named

Mugdananda was asked “what is real”” “that is real which never changes” You try to define yourself using that definition… how many bodies have u been in? when i was in a 20 year old body i cant find it

who ur is that which keeps occupying each body

deepak would say yor body whci hu came in

who we really are, there is a highest self, one of my teachings was , creator put a spark in each and everyone of us, in my own life, that spark can grow! until u ultimately reach another conclusion, that Jesus came to, why do u stone me? you claim to be God, St Paul said have in you the same mind as in christ jesus … equal with god

we’ve taken this idea, this infinite presence and interpreted the words

Jesus said “God is love”

ET the impermenance and inhabiting diff bodies, same applies to the psycchilogical, starting point of most peoples identity, next place they use is the psychological self image which is also changes, the stram of thinknig, the stream of emotions, who u consider yourself to be, double illusory identification , mental emotional vehicle which is not who ur, continual flux of forms. to recognise that it is a relief in a way. imeprmanece of phy and pscy form u say wow! to the ego, which is ident with that, to ego it is bad news, ego says dreadgul, depressing, but something else in u feels alive and exhilirating when u hear fact of impermenance, that wakens in u, u can call it pure consciousness, the formless, the phy body is a temp phy , deeper meaning of reincarnation, every time i get caught up in a thought, i reincarnate into form, into the thought form, u reincarnate into the mind continously, to stop this cycle or reincarnation, is to dont beleive every thought that arises in your head, u realsie thatthere is a dimension in u that is aware presnce . thoughts come and go, so u touch the place where ur not the phy body not thoughts and emotions, where u r that spacious presence, tyhe eternal I, the light of the qorld. jessu said I am the light of thw world and ur the light of thwe world.

WD : I am ” is very big in my cosnciousness. in the torah, moses floating in a basket, picked up and raissed as pharoah moses encounters burning bush, a voice says to moses “moses moses! ” I am – ur going to fre all your people who am i? i am going to b e with you? what is your name? my name is “Iam that Iam” that shall be my name for all future generations. I am is the name of God.

in the book of joel “I am strong” when u begin to see  i am well” the gift of imagination

Jesus i am the way, i am the resurrection, we place so much

be very careful when u use the words I am. everything that exists i am that, u can use the name. not only to look at it from acadameic philospohical view

how can we apply our teachings? this world we are in needs an i am god, in the sense of i am love in what we walk around in

first time life expectacny of a child less than its parents

a nation of addicts not just to illegal drugs, prescrioptons, 1970 2 billion presc tabs in usa indiviudal tabs 2007 113 billion , in 1 generation. overdoes of presc drugs, painkillers, anti psychotic. our food supply has bee ncontaminated. obese. lack of conscious

GMO in our food. violence 242 students to death in chicago. a few days ago in nevada 7 to 8 people blown away

contamination, addictions, projecting it

with oprah, the awareness when we reach levels of consciousness, here now present , we dont just affect ourselves but those around us . that was impactful. it is imp for me  not just bcas i feel better but next person i encounter will be impacted. we are called to this

ET the ppl u come into contact with, your state of consciousness transmits itself, 1 neg person can create a chain reactio, a conscious person can stop strwamsstops dissolves in the presence not only effect but collective firled of huma nconsciousness u effect countless others u never meet consciosnes is connected. at a deepr level

WD: Christian nortrup, she was excited i just saw a garden and u plant veggie s for u to eat whatever uenend vit deficience, cancer, thos plants nurtured by u , will prvifde

human consciousness, symbiotic, walk into a room mother theresea. room was in a diff state

When ur steadfast in your abstention from harm, all living creatures will seek to feel fear in you presence

we begin to recgnise we are god

TS Elliot we shall not ceasde in exploration ,

you don;t have to die

ET that is lways same truth in parable Jessu the prodigal son, an ancient parable in diff traditions, the son of a rich father, give me your inheritance, he travels and squanders, becomes beggar, in otehr versions he forgets who he is, he sits at roadside begging, father sends messengers thye find the don, do u know woh ur,? hee begins to remember, the return movement, when he returns, father loveshim more deeply. thisis the sotry of humanity, losing itself in externals. losing connectedness with sources of all being, we become beggars, humans not in spiritual awajeknin, whohave not connected consciously looking for scraps for fulfilment, houser to car, a new partner, anytrhing to give me fulfilment, seeking it htere, condition of person who has lost awareness of the source, the parable, u come into contasct with, justthe suffering becomes so much the pressureof it awakens it and u begin to realise who ur, u become aware of deep connectedness, your essential onesness. loved more4 deeply meaning when u regain awareness of being, which perhaps humans had , the golden age, in many cultures u have diff versions when ppl lived in happiness, that perhaps points our original connectedness then we lost it and now rteturnig to the fathershome to regasin awareness at as depper level, before natural staste, when u have lost something ,u appreciate it more deeplt. in the pat we lived in natural connectedness whe didnt know nature was ll therewas we created a world almost hostile dysfunctions of our condition now enormous sacredness of natural world when we go to the source there isa nadded dimesion i nnautral connectedness now there is a conscious connecteded

WD i thin it is ! w e have an ausdience Public TV! wishes for fulfilled. god is within everyone of us. always careful u cant sayu r good ur divine

it is my story i havve gottne lost on several occasions, orphanges, addictions, dealing with sepration, divorce, the pain , leukaemia, each one of theese has been almost a way for me to recgnise that all spiriutal advances are preced by a fall

Elizabeth cooper roos if u shield mnt from windstroms

the storms of my life, leukemia had brought me back to yuor source god, what came into my life are very significant people healing experience with John of God

Watching LIVE via Webstream Eckhart Tolle and Ram Das in Hawaii: Q & A Part 6

Ram Das you mentioned your relationship with Maharaji. People look to the 2 of you as a guru figure for them. How do you think they can benefit the most from that relationship?

oprah sadi to me you are not a guru are you? I said “of courese not!”

I do not see myself as a guru, I was shocked when someone told me they had a photo of me on the desk, I said what for?

I saw a photo of Ramana Mahaji that has incredible light coming through, years ago looking at that photo, feeling, sensing that deep stillness and peace and aliveness, I alsl know that was not the form I was looking at but in me. it was a self-recognition, like a mirror. but what this mirror shows is your inner essence, a photo of an wake being or a person free of thought, something comes through the eyes that points to that. recognised by you, nothing to do with the person whatsoeve,r you sens your own essential reality reflected to you by somebody free  of all the stuff that usually covers it up

Cours in Miracle: supposed tobe Jesus talking – the awakend consciosness – I (Chris) have nothing that you do not have except that I have nothing else.

I am now quite happy with people looking at my photo as long as they do not think they are looking at the person – what you se with your senses is the window frame – the imp is the light that comes in – the momebnt you recognicse it  – it is you.

you can look into somebody elses yes, if you are able to cease thinknig together, jsut awareness, pure unconditioned unconsciosness, there is not other but a merging of the firled of awareness, you transcent the personal. You see yourself in the other. Lovely spiriutal practice, do not overdo it. You are not conceptuialising the human being. You sense the consciousness in the other through being consciopnsess yourself. It works in the same way.

Ram Dad – how do you feel with people looking at your photo?

Ram Dad

If you met a real one … Eckhart ” you are the real one!” yes so are you and everybody!

The Maharaji said is there enough light? the photographer said “you are the light!” and it worked.

Question from audience

How can you love violence, love, crime and starvation?

you do not love what people do, you love who they are in therir essence, what they do is based in delusion. unconsciousness operate through these humans. even if human is a criminal  – in them is something pure. if human is heavily burndedned by egoic delusion, a heavy pain body, u have to be heavily present in their presence. a human who is mentally imabalanced you draw out of that human being something that is beyong the delsuion – it can only be temporary, you love the individual human.

Love is not necessarily an active thing but is the allowing fore eg the Virgin Mary, the feminine quality of embracing everything eg a loud noise, you get a shock and then the allowing. you can practice that when you bump into something eg foot or elbow, sharp pain and immediately you shout something! it may be a 4 letter word …. accpet without comment !  you don’rt say i love  the sharp noise, i allow you to behere at this moment in the way you are, can be a person or a situation. that is love rather than I love you !

Are there any instacnes when you cannot accpet?

There aremoments of anf=ger that don;t last long. in the background i accept the anger. A space around it , sadness, I cry.

We were walking in ?italy last year visitng a small town, church bells rinnnig people where carrying out a coffin and I wept, i don’t know who died,. that moment embodies the death of every human being, the impermenance, not a crying of dispaire but a beauty , peacefulness, didn’t say there should be no death , an acceptance, a beautiful expereicnme but a deep sadness but undernetath it there is something that doens;t die. an emotion can still exist with this spaciousness.

Loving what seems unlovable

Ram Das: I love it all! Even that.

we all had a chance to love a dictator this year. He was a form that was causing suffering to many people. Does that make him unlovable? I think that each form is a form of God. Eckhart “sometimes in heavy disguise!”

Ram Das : yeah!

Wondering how Eckhart and Ram perceive psychedelics as a vehicle to explore consciousness?

Eckhart: the expert first!

Ram Das: It’s great!

The mushroom trip that I took left the group and a quiet room I was in a couch and I saw that there was somebody else in the room but the room was dark, I felt there was somebody else and I looked over there in the corner of the room and each of my roles my cello playing, they were a kitsch , roles roles roles.

This drug – I might have amnesia – at least I have in my body and I look down and there was the couch and there was no body on it. My eyes were open.

I wanted to call help but there who wanted to call help? all my roles where there, my body was gone – something. I rolled in the snow the hills I rolled and rolled and I was at Tim’s house and my father and mother’s house only 2 blocks away snowstorm was up to my knees and I walked over to there and they were old  and I was young and I would shovel from the garage I though I really it’s really my heart told me I shoveled and I shoveled and I was really out there and then I looked up at the window and they were both having a peeved look I couldn’t and then but that was I was they were up until then always others people eyes weather I was being reasonable but they were peeved  and I danced a jig around the shovel and I waved at them smiling  that was the first time I ever stand up to external authority

It was 4am in the morning. No one shovels the walk at that hour.

It took me from psychology to Maharaji – that’s pretty good!! I never tell anybody to do it own their own all I say is what happened to me and I boy I yum yum yum yum yum

And I am being facetious but people don’t realise these are very very powerful plants and they should not be used or should be used … God should be your co-pilot.


Of course I can only go on the basis of my own expereicne which is limited … briefly : and one quite recent, a recent experience, it took me so long to try pot but we were in Amsterdam last year and somebody got me high qulity pot to smoke, well might as weell try it as people often ask me questions about it , is it like meditation, is it useflu? so I smoked and what I sadi when it ookeeffcect is like it is maple syrup for the brain and I can see it is a wonderful thing for someone who’s mind very active it slows down… I can see how it can be helpful to people with a mind which never stops … opens a door and then meditate and practice presence.

Acid – 15 years ago I was laready doing counselling , and I get asked .. so I took it – my espericne was simply that the sense perceptions became extremely heghitende, the colours smells sensory touch turning up the volume of everything, i didn;’t lose awareness, it eas there observing, i immediately realised for some people it stops there mind, when you perecive with such intensity u do not have time to comment ! you go wow! and this is like looking at a teapot and feel its aliveness, not shoutrinfg at me but there is a subtle presence. i do not need for things to shout of me, but someone immersed in thought it can be an opening

Mushrooms as part of a sacred journey in certain cultures. May have to wait another lifetime before I try that.

When someone has dementia or Alzheimer’s their being seems to disappear. What is it you are pointing to?

There is an intermeidate stage in Alzehimers when they don’t remember thweir problems, for the first time in theior livfe they become happy! they forget who they are! this happends when you become more present, you rise above thiknig, you develop a loss of memeory or when you take alchool you fall below thinknig, which can be a torutre to you, there is no awareness you are movingtowards sleep.

In alzheimers you expereicne freedom – the mind or brain is omethingthrough which the non loca lconsciousness that pervades the universe assumes a particualr form, an instrument of consciousness, a focal point when the brain decays as in alzheimers the brain can no lonfger fulfil that function so conscionsess withdrawas, it is a slow death- u die before the lhysical, conciosness withdraws. mind form dies before,. consciousnesses till there but no longer in this dimension.

Ram Das you said: Stroke effected your body but not who you are.

This is a vehicle in this plane of consciousness I am using it I’m not identified so it either I said the body had the stroke, I didn’t have the stroke and I when I’m I go into the present moment which is not time and space it’s infinite that’s who I am and I don’t think I’m ego either. They’re all ego and body they are part of this incarnation but I am not part of this incarnation because I’m just visiting this incarnation.

I just wanted to end with 1 final question to make full circle, love not as an emotion but as an experience of the present moment. One pointer in how we can tune in the now, what would it be? 

Eckhart: I’m sure you all know it already , 2 days ago we visited Ram Das, when I left I saw his licence plate on the car — above and below it says “I’d rather be here now ” not “I’d rather be fishing or golfing”

Embracing the present , there is only ever this, is really all there is needed. Be the presence not the mind made entity. You are the now, in essence , on the surface is what happens , in the depth the noiw is the space in which it happens, the world of form coming and going, the space is the unconditioned, formless, timeless, unborn unmanifesteaed, pure consciousness , The One, the Light if the One. Be the NOw be the space for what happens rather than continuously reacting to what happens and being hypnitised by tthw worlds of form, wevery thought says look at me , follow me here! no follow me and then you go on for hours a thoughts after thought, a gravitational pull and u become a person who lives like that – completely absent , only in here even when they meet somebody , they dont see you, only their thoughts about you. stepping out of all that into presence, be the now, the sapce of what is,.

Ram Das:hard to top that! when you meet somebody? they say who are you? you say name, role etc when you are alone and you say who am i? there is awareness, and love and you can I am loving awareness.

Many thanks everybody.

A conversation with Dr Wayne Dyer, Anita Moorjani and Lisa Garr

Lisa: the Concept of parallel universe – keep your mind open as we are going to expand this conversation to multiple dimensions happening at once

Wayne: Everything happening in the Universe happens because it is supposed to. One day I finally realised that I no longer needed a personal history and just like drinking I gave it up and that alone has made all the difference. In other words your idea of who you are, what you’ve done, what you’ve accomplished and all of that, you get that out of your consciousness and live here in this moment and recognise that in this moment everything is a mystery, and living that mystery, and that is really what you are talking about. I have this sense that all of us want and there are 2 voices going on inside our head

  • the voice of the false self, the ego (ordinary consciousness) and then there’s
  • the voice of the soul (extraordinary consciousness).

All of us have been raised to live in ordinary consciousness, in other words, from the time we were little children we were told by our parents and our culture , our educational system, our religious system, business systems, all the places where we are influenced, as little boys and little girls and grow up to what is possible for us, what reality is, and so on is based on becoming ordinary. This isn’t a put down of being ordinary but what it really means is you are almost exclusively trained or programmed by your conscious mind to get along, to fit in, to go to school, get good grades, to raise a family, to pay bills, don’t break the law, get married, you have children, they grow up, you have grandchildren, they play on your knee and then you die… that is an ordinary life and most people live and believe they are happy and successful if they can fit in to that ordinariness.

But there is another level that is available to us, I mean it is in the Scriptures,  Jesus said it “with God all things are possible”  which means nothing is left out.

Who among us is raised to be extraordinary? Extraordinary encompasses all of ordinary even if you are the most extraordinarily conscious person alive, you still have to take care of your family, if you have a family, you still have to stop at red lights, still have to fill out the forms, you have to pay your taxes, basically it is very difficult to not go along with an awful lot of rules that command our obedience and alot of things that we have to fit in and so on. But there is a place beyond ordinary – and this is the calling of the soul! The invisible part of you that is listening that is looking out from behind your eyeballs! That you can’t get a hold of, it is beyond touch, you can’t see, beyond the senses , that part of you doesn’t want to win, doesn’t want to own anything, doesn’t want to be better than anybody else, it doesn’t really care so much about fitting in and being considered a good citizen and all of that…. it has no interest in any of those things, the only thing that your soul wants is to expand because it is infinite, it is boundary less, it has no form, this invisible part of you is a part of infinity, it is continuously expanding, if infinity has a limit some place, then it is not infinite!

To understand infinity, to understand your soul, you have to understand that part of you that wants to grow, to expand, wants to be bigger and keep growing and becoming more and more love, kindness, joy and capable of manifesting and attracting miraculous things in your life, being able to heal others and being able to attract abundance in your life and understanding synchronicity, having intuition, knowing and trusting that my thoughts are connected to everybody else’s thoughts because they are infinite and one. so there is a part of us that wants to grow and wants to expand – the soul. The soul doesn’t want to be contained , doesn’t want to be fenced in, or told what to do! Who likes to be told what to do and how to lead their life? Nobody! I have 8 kids! Kids at 2 years look at you and tell you “don’t tell me what to do!”.

Lisa: whatever you are feeling now, frustrated, sad, overwhelmed etc. this conversation is for you! there is another way to be! this different way can exist in any situation in your life – be in this moment, a quantum reality, I am asking you – be here with us and get out of pain, I get it, it is tough, give yourself an hour to be here and make the shift, things exist in a parallel way, in a quantum way.

Wayne: the parallel universe is really the spirit, the soul, the invisibleness, that causes everything to become what it is, and living from that place where there really is no time, this is a difficult concept,  all the people calling in with their “problems” are basically listening to the evidence, the evidence that they have,   the evidence that we have “problems”, which is the evidence of our senses! What I can see, touch, smell, hold …. these 5 senses we believe is our reality and tell us this is what is possible this is what you can become, this is what our world is and so on …. but the fact is that the evidence of our senses and all of the things in our senses, are so limited because they are stuck in a quarter of an inch of reality when everything else out there is completely unknown and everything that is of value is so mysterious and has no form to it, it’s like there is this constant thing going on of creation , even who you are, you look at your body and you reach and touch it  you hold your leg and you see it is real but I did that when I was 20 and I can’t find that leg now! and any part of me that I thought was so real! In actual fact we are all infinite spiritual beings having a temporary human experience.

All quantum physicists tell us that if there is really no time, than everything is really happening at once. So if everything is happening at once, that means that you can step back and step outside of your senses. Even Max Planck the great scientist and father of quantum theory  – he said the reason science and the physical world cannot solve the problems and the mystery of the Universe  is because we are in it as well! Science is part of the mystery! They are trying to solve the mystery of who they are!

You mentioned someone going off to Afghanistan and so on and you look around and you have been programmed to say “now I am going to be unhappy for the year or so until my husband gets back, I’m gonna worry every moment that something happens to him, I’m not gonna have enough of this or enough of that”  …. there is another part of you, a parallel part of you that can take hold of this experience and do something completely different with it ! “It’s easy for you to say” but I myself do not take circumstances that exist in my life that I don’t like and continue to focus on them and analyse them and be upset by them and allow myself to be depressed by them, I just don’t do that!

Imagination is the biggest gift we have been given. Push out thoughts that do not support you.

We think we are responsible for the thoughts (that usually do not support us!)  but there is only ONE mind.   That mind is the Universal subconscious mind that we are all borrowing and it has an endless stream of thoughts going by like a conveyor belt.

Train yourself! You select the thoughts! Only allow the kinds of thoughts that are going to produce for you what you intend to be, the person you intend to be despite everything that is going on around you!

Regardless, to be independent, of the opinions of others etc and to realise there is another reality that I live, a reality that I live in my mind and every single night you go off to sleep, you have an experience for 1/3rd of your life, in which all you have to do, now remember you do this for 1/3rd if your life,  is to put your thoughts on what it is that you would like to have and you manifest it, it is right here! Put your attention and it is there with you! You want your grandma with you and she has been dead for 20 years …. for 8 hrs you can have her with you at any time! You can be 4 years old if you need to be! We have this capacity to reach a higher level of consciousness within ourself and when we do – what we think about isn’t something that is going to happen to us,  it is not going to show up down the road – it isn’t that!  it is an I AM consciousness, I am content, I am prosperous,  I am peaceful, I am love and I am able to put my thoughts on that and the things that you are most passionate about and you are living from that passion as passion is enthusiasm (God within you) you absolutely become what you place your attention on, you can become that love!

Lisa : Assuming the wish fulfilled. Neville.

Wayne: this is a Universe in which there are no accidents. Everything that is happening is happening because it is orchestrated by a Divine Mind which I am connected to as well and step back and not allow yourself to go into the space of fear, stress, anxiety, depression, worry …. you can put them back on conveyor belt and pick something different that makes you feel better.

If you are struggling, get your life back in balance! And recognise that within you there is something very powerful, you are not a piece of God you just didn’t come from God, but in fact you are God, and this body you are in that you see in this physical world, everything you see, including your body is an illusion, that which is real is that which never changes, anything that is continuously changing is not longer real because the moment you think you have a hold on it it is something else and then turns to dust.

Lisa: a leap to where we can manifest

Wayne: We show up into this world when we are called! We don’t consciously do it! We go home when we are called. We get obsessed with how terrible the world is ….We have to see the world as it is. We have God-consciousness in us. Every creature brought into this physical world. We are a spark of ourselves, take that spark and  enlarge it until you reach your higher self till you get to the realisation: (from Exodus), when God was speaking to Moses,  God said “I am that I am, and that is my name for all future generations”  so we have the name of God and we can apply it to yourself: “I am” So every-time  you use the term I AM, you are really using the name of God! So saying I am poor, I am sad, I am miserable, you are desecrating the name of God. Not even “I will be happy!”. God didn’t tell Moses  “my name is I will be ! I hope things will work out in the future …. !”.  You have that same name: I AM THAT I AM.

So you have to be able to place into your imagination what it is, the person you want to become, the things you would like to attract, and say to yourself ” I am that” and assume the feeling  of that wish as if it is already here physically manifested; you have to feel it in your body and live from that place and then begin to retrain your subconscious mind to get rid of so much of that early programming that you have had.

Our lives our circumscribed by our subconscious mind. Conscious thought was put into your subconsciousness for e.g. I was in the Navy when I was 18 so I learnt Morse code, I am 71 years old now my but my conscious mind thought my subconscious mind to learn these crazy things ….. I can recall them even though I haven’t used it in over 50 years!  This is how powerful the subconscious mind is! So think of the things you have had programmed into your subconscious mind, things like if you have cancer you cannot heal yourself, if you have a kidney that needs to be replaced you cannot heal the one that you have, medicine will do it!

We are indoctrinated about the physical world. Your limitations, all of these things, what type of person you are, are you clumsy, are you coordinated, are you good at maths, are you good at artistic things? We are programmed!  Endless things of stuff that your conscious mind, including parents, culture, your whole world, like when you learn to drive ….. it becomes imprinted,  you drive without thinking ! because it is imprinted on your subconscious mind. 96-97% of what we do is like this! we go to bathroom, make a cup of coffee etc …. practically everything we do is programmed.

What you want to do is un-program your subconscious mind from all of  these things that have limitations, and fears and anxiety, depression, worry … I can only take a pill to get rid of these things, the economy is the reason why I am unhappy, the President isn’t doing his job and therefore I don’t have a job …. all this of this stuff is just subconscious programming that if you started looking at it from a different perspective; I mean you are  in an economy out there where jobs are disappearing and you don’t keep sending in resumes, you know, if there’s a list for every place that is hiring of a 150,000  resumes, why would you put yours on that list?

You have to re-program your subconscious mind to tell yourself that there are other ways to make a living other than all the ways that I have conditioned myself to believe!

We are a world full of sheep! We go along following the conditioning that we have laid on us from when we were little boys and girls and we never stopped and we never stopped to say “hey!” Jesus said in the New Testament “you are God! isn’t it not written in your laws? I have said You are God! ” . You didn’t learn that in any religious training that you are God …. you were told God that is outside of you, a God we created in our own image , the ego God who is angry and only fulfils people’s wishes if they pay enough and all of this kind of stuff, it’s a kind of craziness! St Paul writing in Philippians said “have in you the same mind as Christ Jesus who being in the form of God did not consider it robbery to be equal with God


You are all God every single one of you and you have a name, your name is I AM! Question is what do you place after that? I AM poor, I AM unhappy, I AM weak, I AM fragile,  I AM frantic, I AM depressed, these are not things God would say and you are God.

Lisa: if I am stressed, I am snappy , bitch moan, bitch moan …. that space … but by embodying this concept – an expansive space of possibility – I am a different person! Expansion.

Wayne: it’s what the soul demands, expansion and the reason why it wants expansion is because it is infinite, it is not in the finite world, that means it is expanding. The Universal mind, God, is something that is continuously growing and expanding and the minute you start to restrain it – tell it what you can’t be – the ordinary part goes with it, but the extraordinary part of you says “I can be anything that I want! I am God”.

Jesus says “God is LOVE, dwelleth in Love, dwelleth in me”;  all you have to do is be this pure state. The Course (in Miracles) says there are only 2 emotions for us, there’s FEAR and there’s LOVE and everything that is love cannot be fear, and everything that is fear cannot be love, so any time that you are not in a state of contentment and peace, you are in a state of fear and you have to ask yourself  : “what the hell am I afraid of?” “I am already God! How can I be afraid of anything?”.

Lisa: studies show us that optimistic people live 15%  longer!

Wayne: The average life expectancy of a medical doctor in the US is 57! Because they are in a whole world of illness and medicine and pills, something outside of you will heal you, surgery. It is a fact, people who believe that solution to their problems is external to themselves and wallow around in illness all the time. Doctors who practice wellness have a whole different life expectancy.

Lisa: Anita please tell us your story.

Anita Moorjani: I was in a coma because my organs were failing. Stage 4b lymphoma, it spread through out my body, tumours the size of lemons. My body was ridden with tumours. I had open skin lesions. I was connected to oxygen and food tubes. My body was wasted away, I had stopped absorbing food. When I was in a coma, I was aware what was happening all around me! The doctors had told my family they were my last few hours. While I was in a coma I was lingering for about 30 hours, during that time I was acutely aware of what the doctors were doing, what my family was doing, but also my energy, soul, essence or consciousness was expanding! It was not as though I was a spiritual being, not as though I was above the room viewing my body, it was as though I spilled out of my body and just got bigger so I encompassed everything , the room and outside of the room, it was though I became everything, I was feeling everything, what my family was feeling, what my doctors were feeling … and then I became aware of my brother who was on a plane rushing to see me …. and also I felt what I can only describe as unconditional love, but it is nothing like the love that we feel here , it was really the unconditional, I didn’t have to do anything, didn’t feel like I had to prove myself, I wasn’t judged for anything I perceived to have done wrong in this life, pure unconditional love, no matter what, this love was mine. It was such an incredible feeling! It’s very difficult to come back from that!

Lisa: I’ve been through that same experience! There are no words that can explain it! That feeling of quantum reality, of complete pure consciousness and oneness, it is so expansive and so pure! That love is something not of this world!

Anita: exactly! it is not of this world! even the word love, the word is too small because it’s about realising we are all one, it is not that I love you, but it is that you and I are the same person! even my worst enemy! it doesn’t matter who; we are all one and what I do to you I am doing to me ! what I do to me I’m doing to you!

If I treat myself really badly I am treating the planet really badly or if  I treat the planet really badly, or I disrespect you or the planet, that’s what I am doing to me, it’s a reflection of what I am doing to me , because we are all one consciousness so it is much more than love and that means there is no separation between me and you, most people think that God is a separate being but it’s not! In non-duality there is no separation.

Lisa: you met your father who had passed, in this experience you were having right?

Anita: yes I did, it was incredible! in physical life we had a lot of differences, even-though I knew he loved me, I grew up in a Westernised culture but he grew up in a more Hindu culture, we had culture clashes. On the other side all of that is gone, we are not our bodies, our cultures, religion, races, nothing. In pure essence all I felt was unconditional love from the essence of my father, that’s all I felt. And that’s all we take with us, that’s it, nothing else! Everything here, we fight for, it is not real, it is not true! It’s all part of the illusion of separation.

Lisa: so you came back into your body that was riddled with cancer, then what happened?

Anita: I was given a choice, whether to come back into my body or not and at first I didn’t want to, because that state was amazing! It’s like you are home isn’t it!?  I didn’t want to come back and then simultaneously I understood that it wasn’t my time and my purpose hadn’t been completed. But I still didn’t get the purpose of coming back in a sick body because the body couldn’t really do anything,  even if my purpose wasn’t completed, but then I started to, it was like simultaneously, the clarity was incredible, I started to understand why I had the cancer in the first place, and I understood that life is a lot simpler than we make it and I started to understand that everything I was perceiving you know as being Nirvana, Heaven, it’s a STATE! I felt that my purpose wasn’t to go out and pursue anything but it would unfold before me and all I had to do was to recreate this state in physical life, because in that state I realised that I was an amazing, unconditionally loved being and all I had to do was to come back with that awareness and if I come back with that awareness I knew my cancer would heal!

I had to come back and realise that we are all amazing, magnificent beings and I didn’t have to pursue anything but only be myself and seems to be a well kept secret! No one tells us “it’s OK do whatever makes you feel good, be yourself!”. Nobody ever tells you that, nobody ever told me that! That’s basically in a nutshell how I got lost and how in a simplified way, led to the cancer.

Lisa: Anita was living in a place of fear, conditioned from her father’s experience and that fear manifested into disease.

Wayne: no one has ever been at such an end-stage of cancer within a few breaths of dying and come back and within 4 days her tumours had shrunk 70% and within 4 weeks her body was cancer free, they couldn’t find cancer. She came back because she had already seen her body heal! This is what we mean when we say parallel lives, I had this experience with St Francis, Lao Tzu. Anita says there is no past out there, that the closest we can say is that we are living parallel lives, there is something that is happening at once, that when get into a higher state of awareness, all I had to do is put my attention; she saw her brother on a plane who was flying from India to Hong Kong and saw him flying there even-though she was in a coma! she saw doctors down the corridor who were talking about her case and she also saw her body, she put attention on her healthy body, her body was healthy, so when she came back and they were poking around  trying to find the cancer, because nobody in the medical community could buy this …. no one had ever come back from this SHE HAD ALREADY SEEN THIS. She also said you can not only change the future but you can change the past! She could change the existence of this cancer in her body by putting her awareness at this place that she was at, and this is one of the things she learnt, and this is what happens in our dream state all the time! We are continuously just putting our thoughts and whatever we want and it is showing up and we are the only ones there!  we are all of these characters, we become them,  we become our grandmother, we become ourselves as a 10 year old and if we could just understand this concept of ONENESS.

Lisa: it’s about where you place your attention! we are so much more than we think we are! There is so much more than we know! What can our listeners do?

Wayne: We should become awakened dreamers! We are most enlightened when we are in our dreams awake. It is to recognise that the powers that we have are not limited to what science tells us or what our senses observe, in fact our senses are lying to us all the time! Our senses are telling us that we are sitting still ! in fact we are hurling through space, we are spinning on our axis, we are orbiting around the sun, but it looks like we are sitting still, our senses lie to us, they don’t tell us what is underneath our skin, what is inside a molecule and they certainly do not tell us what is inside an atom and a sub-atomic particle, when you start looking at how the physical universe works, from a sub-atomic view, as Deepak Chopra used to say to me, “Quantum Physics is not only stranger than you think it is, it is stranger than you can think”,  all you have to do at the Quantum level is to put your attention on something and you change what it is that you are looking at from a sub-atomic point of view! When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!

Use your inner world to create for yourself the kind of world that you not only intend to create  but you and your subconscious mind have already programmed it as an I AM. This is the I am that I am. I am happy, I am content.  I am going to enjoy every single moment of my life regardless of what comes along. And the ironic thing that happens when you do that is that is the things you begin to put your attention on show up!

People are mortified of dying, you need to read Anita’s book! it brings you an incredible sense of peace.

Maslow’s flaws of self-actualising people is that they get over their death almost as if it didn’t happen because for them there is no death and it is the most peaceful experience that you can ever have.

Lisa: do you get frustrated? you get pain still? how do you deal with mundane stuff?

Anita: it is very different the way I deal with it now, previously I used to feel frustration, what happened after the experience (Near Death Experience), even mundane stuff takes on a different feel, because what has actually happened, interestingly is that I have a lot  more appreciation for  being here  in this physical world,  and it feels like this is an opportunity or this is a gift, because I don’t any-more  pursue trying to live a life to get the perfect after life which is what I used to be,  I used to work really hard at trying  to be more spiritual so that I would attain nirvana so I wouldn’t have to come back and so on. But now I realise that everything is happening at the same time, nirvana or Heaven or whatever we want to call it, the other realm, exists simultaneously to this one, so I just …. the only thing we have is this moment, so I make the most of every moment, and all I have to do is find joy in this moment so even if it is writing a cheque for an electricity bill it’s about finding joy and being thankful that I have this opportunity to be in this planet today, to experience having electricity in my home, so it’s not an effort any more, I am not actually consciously looking for joy in mundane things because what happened since I came back and my body healed so quickly I actually felt grateful for everything, even sometimes when I was feeling pain, we went through a difficult period financially, because my husband had issues with work and both of us weren’t working for a little while, I had just had cancer and everything, but I recall actually feeling thankful to the Universe that I was getting an opportunity again even to feel this challenge because I wouldn’t have had this opportunity if I had crossed over even though the other side is blissful, but I just understood “OK this is part of my purpose, this is part of the bigger picture, in the greatest tapestry of everything, it’s still all perfect, there’s a reason why I have to go through this”, and once you’ve seen the bigger picture when we get in touch with that, even through meditation or whatever, once we start to become aware that there is a greater tapestry, that hindsight is always 20/20 and if we can always trust that we stop cursing our present moment and realise this is all we have and it is a blessing to even be here, here right now experiencing this emotion, feeling or situation.

Lisa: write your I AM statement! That space where your imagination is your greatest gift!

Wayne: mine is I AM PERFECT LOVE. I didn’t have an NDE but I had a miraculous thing happen with John of God, where I had this healing. Anita can substantiate this, she has an aura about her which is so loving, so non-judgemental, so non-critical and so accepting. There is bliss there! More than my body was transformed – I have been transformed into a being of LOVE. I look at people and I do not see flaws, I see the unfolding of God in everything and I am compelled to give and serve. I have been giving away what I accumulated, to family and people in need. When you are in a state of love, people come up to you as they need an arm put around them, they need to be fed, reassured, talked to … you can lift them out of their sadness, depression just by your presence! When you are in this incredible state of love, your focus isn’t on yourself any more, what’s in it for me, what’s wrong in my life, what’s missing in my life , how unhappy you are, that’s your subconscious mind training again to use your mind to think sad thoughts, it’s a different consciousness you are just thinking about love, and love is expansive, so you are out there, you smile at people, I’m a different being to what I was before!

Anita: one of the things about Wayne is how incredibly strong and healthy he is! I see him swim everyday and for me the weather was cold! I was bundled up in my jacket! I was surprised! What I found touching was it was never about him , the way he would engage other people he would really be so interested in their story and it didn’t matter who they were, a waitress or a homeless person, he would really get engaged and I was watching and learning … and when they asked about him he would say oh you don’t wanna hear about me! you should talk to Anita! she’s been dead and back she’s got the real story!

Wayne: the leukaemia is GONE! I feel great!

Anita: What I tend to do, I am much more comfortable with uncertainty today since my NDE because I’ve come to understand that there is a lot we don’t know, we can’t see, we can’t hear or  feel  from this realm, from this physical dimension and because we as humans we tend to want to know, we want to understand and we have this need of wanting to understand that actually limits are experience because then what happens we only let into our experience what we understand and what we know as we want to live from a place of certainty but when we are willing to let go of the need to feel certain I call it living in a state ambiguity, willing to step into the ambiguity,that’s when we are in a state of allowing, to allow things to happen to us that are beyond our capability of understanding or knowing. It’s just a matter of expanding our awareness to allow things to come into our life and it is a state of trust, where we trust so we don’t have to understand, we don’t have to know, what’s going to happen next, where the money is going to come from, the health or whatever, it’s about letting it all go.

Wayne: it’s all energy, we’re all connected, when 4 or 5 people have same thought they will pick up the phone and call you and all day long they won’t … there are 100s of examples, as you become more intuitive and more inner directed, and more God-realised, and living your life as if you were a piece of God, these experiences show up more frequently, you begin to get a sense that you can call them in because your subconscious mind reacts to suggestions, that’s how it learned all of these things like my Morse code! that is innocuous, but what about stuff programmed into my subconscious mind  that keep me from taking risks, that keep telling me  you know that I don’t deserve to have prosperity, or keep telling me that you are going to be sick or you are gonna be an alcoholic like your father was …. and so on. How many of those kinds of subconscious programmings have you had that you really need to change around the way you make your subconscious work?

The best way to do it if you want something specific, is the last 5 minutes of the day, today when you go to sleep tonight, wherever you are, you are about to enter into your subconscious mind , which is most comfortable when you are  unconscious like when you are sleeping this is when your subconscious and your unconscious get together and what you want to do is not program your last 5 mins of the day as you are about to go into your subconscious mind reviewing all the things that you don’t like, the things that are wrong, the things that didn’t work out, the things that you are telling yourself are terrible about the world, you wanna review what you have placed into your imagination as an I AM and go off to sleep with that and then the UNIVERSAL SUBCONSCIOUS MIND – GOD – which you will be connected to when you awaken, will start offering you experiences that match up with what it is  you are programming  yourself to become. 

It sounds crazy, it sounds weird but it has always worked for me. Watch those last 5 minutes of your day! Even in the Book of Job “when men are deep in their sleep and slumbering, He then opens their ears and seals their their instruction”.

In other words, while you are slumbering, while you are sleeping, your ears are opened and your instructions are sealed, you get this awareness when you are sleeping, (PR: this is used in the practice of Buddhist Highest Yoga Tantra) so don’t go into your sleep programming yourself to marinate for 8 hours in a subconscious mind telling you how crappy the world is, you want to get programmed to what a great and wonderful world this is and what a divine magnificent creature that you are and how lucky you are to be alive.

Lisa: you can manifest something from a dream state you just need to know it is possible. Start with baby steps, start with believing first of all, change your thoughts change your life.

Wayne: that will change your life! that’s the Tao, that was written 500 years before the birth of Christ. It is one of the most powerful things I have had my hands on.

The Dalai Lama said if we can get every child by the age of 5 to meditate 1 hour  a week on compassion for other people, we can end all violence in one generation on this planet. No more wars, no more hatred. To get young people to think how may I serve, not what is in it for me.

Lisa: some I AMs …  I AM on purpose, I AM spirit, I AM always grateful, I AM successful in all areas of my life, I AM a radiant being.

Wayne: stop edging God out! I AM healthy, I AM content,  … regardless of what your senses say! Go to your I AMs, feel it. You don’t manifest what you want but who you are.

Wayne Dyer on Living The Wisdom Of Tao

“Learn to die while you are alive – this gives us the only opportunity that we will ever have to get outside of this package that houses us temporarily”

As you become more God-realised, consider changing

  • the idea that you can’t trust in your own nature to I TRUST IN MY OWN NATURE
  • from I need more to living in contentment
  • your thoughts to change your life
  • from thinking in a rigid way to thinking flexible, soft and allowing
  • from living by interfering to living by not interfering
  • from thinking big to thinking small to do big things
  • from seeing yourself as separate to seeing yourself connected to everyone and everything in the Universe

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Dr. Wayne Dyer talks with Oprah about how he practiced the Tao for one year.