Eckhart Tolle on true meaning of surrender

Complete surrender, Eckhart suggests, is a wise approach to the moment, no matter the situation.

Check, observe whether there is any negativity for eg I can’t take this anymore! or whatever thought comes up whenever you feel for eg that you do not want to live anymore, I’ve had enough! is there a resistance pattern that is still egoic? because things are not going the way you wanted them to go? or there may be a kind of tiredness of life, self-perceived existence, situations and so on, a weariness perhaps, whatever it is, I suggest you practice dying, by surrendering completely to the present moment. Don’t demand that this moment should be different, it is what it is, the way it is. Then the ego dies. Instead of committing suicide I highly recommend surrender. Much more effective, die before you die.

Do situations still have the power to induce in you negativity? Do situations still have the power to make you unhappy? Events, situations, people ? is that why you do not want to live anymore? that is not surrender!  Try surrender and see what happens which means no complaint about anything anymore, mental. Complete acceptance of this moment as it is. And even the thought “I don’t want this anymore” is resistance to what is, you don’t need it. So if you feel the pull of death, die now to the mind-made self the ego, allow the ego to die. Complete surrender to what is . And see what happens, you may suddenly find the peace that passes all understanding. It means you’ve died. The go has dissolved.

Eckhart Tolle on the writing of 14th-century mystic Thomas à Kempis, sharing timeless wisdom to overcome the obstacles to spiritual awakening.

Suffering as it arises = accept what is and give up resisatnce

You suffer and willingly , comletely accept what is, not accept the idea of illness, accept simply whatever you feel at this moment, bring acceptance to it. This frees you from the world of form: this is a miracle!

Surrender means accepting whatever arises.

Thomas a Kempis says “if you accept, then the  cross carries you! you do not carry the cross anymore!”

The suffering turns around and becomes an opening in the realm of the transcendent through surrender. That is the lesson of the human on the cross who says ” not my will but thy will be done”.