Beyond Kony 2012, child soldiers are used in most civil wars

Kony 2012 campaign calls for plastering posters everywhere tonight. But the use of child soldiers goes far beyond warlord Kony and his LRA. It is the norm in most civil wars. Governments, too, use children to fight. One way to stop it: Deny military aid to these governments.


Preschoolers learn mindfulness, yoga in Ivy Child program by Melissa McKeon

Enter a classroom full of preschoolers and you might expect a frenzy of activity; running, jumping, playing and shouting. 

Take a leaf out of the book for mindful children

Once the doyenne of the big-screen comedy circuit, Goldie Hawn has turned her attention to the subject of inner peace.

Teaching children to be mindful by MARCELLA McCARTHY

Mindfulness, the Buddhist practice of meditation and focus, is being taught to children to enhance their concentration and counter their stress.

Building a Mindful Nation for our Children

Want Kids to Relax, Focus and Succeed in School? by Suzy DeYoung

Start by adding ‘breathing’ to the curriculum.

Breathing deeply with Hoberman spheres

Children’s wellbeing is all in the mind by Terra Sword

Mindfulness teachers Bobbi Allan and Shakti Burke believe you’re never too young to start learning about your brain and exercising your mind. 

Goldie Hawn’s Former Tutor Applauds Actress For New Parenting Book

Goldie Hawn’s new parenting book tackles the task of teaching EQ to children.


A top parenting guru, who once tutored Goldie Hawn’s son, has been left stunned by the actress’ new self-help book – because it’s actually quite good.

Vipassana for Auckland kids

Vipassana Centre is organising an introductory meditation course for children…..