TOMORROW: Live Streaming of Top Visionaries, Scientists on Revolutionary Discoveries about Human Nature.

PLEASE WATCH NOW! KONY 2012 by Invisible Children

My beautiful first born nephew just sent me this – I am going to share this over and over, please do the same. It brings me more and more hope in the young adults of today and what we can do TOGETHER.

At the end of chapter 16 I’m guided to watch “golden motorcycle gang barbara marx hubbard” on YouTube

Watkins’ Spiritual 100 List for 2012

This list is meant to serve as a positive guide to some of the leading modern teachers that are alive today, and we hope that you are as inspired as we are by their impact. 

Creating Meaningful Mindful Resolutions

2012  Resolutions

Listening to Life: Let’s change the world: Make 2012 a year for spiritual truth by Nori St. Paul

The filter through which we experience life is our perception of the external world.

The Wisdom of the Universe rides into town to help Planet Earth

The Golden Motorcycle Gang, A Story of Transformation

Eckhart Tolle on 2012 and the End of the World